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Freshman Profile: Meet Duwa Alebdy

Duwa AlebdyName: Duwa Alebdy

Hometown: Lower East Side, Manhattan and Fort Greene, Brooklyn

High School: Brooklyn Technical High School

Why did you choose Hunter College?
I chose Hunter College for a number of reasons. Through the Macaulay Honors Program I am be able to receive a great education free of charge! Also, Hunter is located in midtown Manhattan, where I believe everything happens and there are so many things to do! One of my top requirements when looking for a college was that it had to be in a city and what better city to study in than New York, the best city in the world! Lastly I wanted to remain living with my family and not dorm. Since Hunter consists of mostly commuters, I thought I'd fit right in.

What do you hope to gain from your time at Hunter? What are you looking forward to?
At Hunter, I want to be able to pursue my interests. I want to be surrounded by peers who are intelligent and wish to succeed just as much as I do. At the moment, I am excited about starting classes because it will be a new experience taking classes in college. I am very much looking forward to the transition from high school to college.

What are you interested in studying? Do you know what you would like to major in? Why did you pick this major?
I am interested in studying an endless number of things. At the moment, I want to double major in Psychology and English for two reasons. One, with the economy not doing so well, and because of the fact that I want to eventually become a psychiatrist, I think psychology is a great major to guarantee me a job and get me on my way to medical school. Two, I am still a dreamer and have wished to be an author since the young age of 9, so I will give my dream a chance by majoring in English with a concentration in Creative Writing. With all this, I still want to minor in something, if you can believe it! Even with all these plans, I will be open-minded and change things up if necessary.

What are your interests/extracurricular activities? For example, do you volunteer or play any sports? Is there any cause/issue you are really passionate about? Are you involved with any organizations or associations you'd like to tell us about?
I have many interests, which usually leads to me being very involved in extracurricular activities. Looking through Hunter College's clubs I found 19 that I am interested in! That's way too much, and I'll have to narrow it down by a lot. I generally love to volunteer, too, whether it be by preparing food for the homeless or by helping a professor organize their huge amount of paperwork.

Is there anything else you would like people to know?
I am a very friendly person, I like to try new things, and if I could I'd just sit down in a comfortable place and read all day while drinking a caramel frappuccino!

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