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From Internship to Freelance Gig

Name:  Emily Spada
Degree: BA, Media Studies, expected June 2012
Current Job:  Freelance Video Editor for Oxygen Media’s Digital Department

How did you decide on your undergraduate major?

I knew coming into college that I wanted to do something with film and media, specifically in post-production. I had attended a majors meeting about the differences between the Film and Media majors, and decided that the Media major was a better fit. I decided to do the Documentary Production focus because I knew it would give me a real hands-on learning experience with video.


So far I’ve only had one internship! I did one spring semester at Oxygen when I was a sophomore and returned for the spring semester of my junior year. At the end of that semester my internship transformed into a paying freelance job, where I still currently work.

Current Job

In Oxygen’s Digital Department, I collaborate with everyone who is responsible for, but my area is specifically video. I publish sneak peeks, previews, full episodes, and web-exclusive videos to the site and input their metadata. In fact, some of these web-exclusives I have edited myself.


I would love to continue working in television and the entertainment industry. I hope to advance my skills and move up into higher positions as an editor, because over the years since high school, it has become more than just a hobby. It’s my passion.

Advice for students thinking about pursuing this career

Work hard. Work really hard because even if it might not always feel this way, the people you work with really do notice your effort. Don’t procrastinate, because people will notice that too. Write down everything you learn even if you don’t think you have to. Keep a journal and take notes on things you did that day, or on a new skill/program you learned. Take the initiative to come up with ideas for projects and don’t be afraid to approach your coworkers about them. It’ll show them that you want to be there and that you want to learn. And last but not least, pursue an internship if you haven’t already. Your knowledge and your skills are important, but the people you meet and the connections you make are crucial. I’ve learned so much about myself as a person, and as a professional, from interning.

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