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Hunter Sophomore's Internship in D. A.'s Office Piques Her Interest in Public Service Law

Amanda Quiles
Sophomore, B.A. History, Creative Writing Minor, expected to graduate in June 2014
Thomas Hunter Honors, Community Scholar, Student Ambassador

How did you decide on your undergraduate major?
I decided to major in history because it has always been a great interest and passion of mine. I am intrigued by the events of the past that have influenced where we are socially and culturally today. I crave to learn more about our origins to discover where improvement and reform can be introduced to benefit our future. My historical interests pertain mainly to the World Wars, Native American history and the establishment of our justice system. The history major will be very useful to me in law school as well. I decided to minor in creative writing because writing has always been a passion. I seek to gain as much insight into the field as possible to benefit my poetry and become a well-rounded writer.

Freshman year: Intern, Manhattan Criminal Court under Honorable Judge Pickholz, research and trial observation.

Sophomore year: Intern, Legal Assistant, Brooklyn District Attorney's Office, Early Case Assessment Bureau
I was honored to be chosen to work in the District Attorney's office as a college sophomore. In theECAB Unit, I prepared write ups, complaints and case files for desk appearance tickets. I also had the opportunity to interview arresting officers, victims and witnesses for the cases. I worked on cases individually which allowed me to establish a personal connection with my work. I was sometimes assisted by attorneys as well. The attorneys were incredibly knowledgeable and I gained extensive insight into the process of preparing cases as well as the legal terminology for laws and their premises. This internship solidified my interest in criminal law and ambitions to become an attorney in the public sector. I am grateful for this experience to work in the office where I want to dedicate my career prior to attending law school.

I am determined to attend law school to pursue a career in public service as an Assistant District Attorney. I strive to be a part of our justice system to help deliver justice to victims and also evoke reform in the public sector. I have always been willing to extend a hand to those in need, and public service affords me this opportunity. I am most fulfilled when I can make a difference. I hope to become involved in efforts for juvenile rehabilitation as well.

Advice for students thinking about this career
It is best to follow your ambitions. Do not wait for the opportunities to be given to you; seek them out yourself. If you are unsure about the field of law, because there are diverse areas within it, it is paramount to gain hands-on experience and knowledge in the field before you commit to that chosen field. The impression you create for yourself when you are active and eager will lead you on a greater path for success and achievement. Persona counts greatly as well; be confident and enthusiastic, and most importantly, be yourself. Only you know what is best for yourself and what will lead to self-fulfillment. Also, utilize all the resources offered. The Pre-Law Advisory Office, along with Career Development Services, includes personal advisement and internship opportunities in the field of law. I too am glad to talk to any student about my experiences and offer advice, student to student.

For more information about Career Development Services, visit or call 212-772-4850.

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