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Hunter Students Win Awards at National Science Conference

Six Hunter students have won awards for scientific research presented at a national conference. The winners were members of the Hunter delegation to the Annual Biomedical Research Meeting for Minority Students, held in San Jose, California on November 7-10. Approximately 1,800 undergraduates attended the conference, where noted scientists discussed the findings of recent biomedical studies and students delivered speeches and posters on their own scientific work.

The award-winning Hunter students participate in the College's RISE, MARC, McNair and BP-ENDURE research programs. RISE (Research Initiative for Scientific Enhancement) offers research experience and academic and financial support for undergraduate and graduate students interested in biomedical research. MARC (Minority Access to Research Centers) trains talented students in biomedical research and encourages them to pursue PhDs in the field; students are offered a short introductory course in biomedical research and the opportunity to participate in faculty research. The Ronald E. McNair program prepares eligible undergraduates for doctoral studies through involvement in research and scholarly activity; participants acquire the skills and knowledge required for admission to graduate school and the successful completion of graduate studies. And BP-ENDURE (Blueprint Program for Enhancing Neuroscience Diversity through Undergraduate Education) is designed to identify exceptionally talented undergraduates and prepare them to obtain doctoral degrees in neuroscience-related fields of study; the program offers specialized neuroscience courses, summer research experiences, and mentoring from senior faculty.

Conference honors went to McNair student Lainga Tong in developmental biology and genetics, MARC student Keroles Saleh in biochemistry, BP-ENDURE student Saima Machlovi in neuroscience, RISE students Franklin Lema and Ivan Cohen in neuroscience, and RISE student Steven Cajamarca in biochemistry.

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