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Leaps, No Bounds: Hunter Turns Dancer’s Dream into Reality

Timothy Edwards grew up in Hawaii and moved to California after high school to serve in the Air Force.  When he was 21, he arrived in New York to become a professional dancer.  Despite early success, including a scholarship offer and the chance to train with the prestigious Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, financial difficulties got in the way - and by the time he had earned enough to support himself, he thought he was too old to return to dancing.

But Timothy's passion persisted. So at the age of 25, with no formal training, Tim enrolled at Hunter as a dance major, and has been performing ever since.

"Hunter is a place where, if fully invested, you can achieve whatever you set for a goal," said Edwards.  "Hunter gave me the tools to believe in myself and the confidence to challenge myself to go for bigger things than I'd ever thought I
could. I truly feel that without Hunter I would still, to this day, be wishing I could do what it is I always wanted to do, become a professional dancer."

Tim graduated this past June. He recently served as a culture envoy in Costa Rica, teaching and performing around the country. He now travels to cities across the United States as part of the David Dorfman Dance Company.

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