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Youngwon Ryu -- From Grand Rapids to the Big Apple

What brought you to Hunter?

My comrades did.  A friend from Queens, who I was deployed with, recommended Hunter for its science programs and its liberal arts coursework.  I also wanted to come to NYC, a bigger city than my home town of Grand Rapids, Michigan, so I chose Hunter.  My original reason was because of the nursing program, but now I've shifted and it's the pre-med curriculum.

How has your transition to Hunter been?

It was smoother than expected. I received a lot of information from the vet staff on how to receive benefits. Plus the faculty has been flexible with me so that I could attend my annual medic training -- two weeks during this past semester.

What's the best part of attending Hunter?

The best part has been meeting other veterans -- there's a lot of diversity among the group.  It's like our own group of family.

What's your plan after graduation... career, grad school, travel, etc.?

If I could arrange for enough funding, then medical school.  If not, at least grad school. Though I do plan on going back to active duty.  I want to be deployed for another year and then go back to school.

What did you learn while serving in the military that has helped you succeed at Hunter?

The number 1 thing is discipline. In the military you have to do your given tasks; so nowadays I do all my work and stay physically fit.  Even though no one is pushing me now... it's a habit I acquired from serving in the Army.

What advice do you have for other military veterans considering going back to college in general?

Do all you can do, be all you can be.  It's a cliché but it's true. Create your own discipline and structure.

About attending Hunter?

Hunter does not accept any military credits. Despite that, the faculty and advisors do their best to help you integrate into Hunter.

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