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City Atlas New York Launches; Invites New Yorkers to Build the Future Sustainable City

City Atlas, a digital platform developed by the City University of New York (CUNY) Institute for Sustainable Cites at Hunter College and Artist As Citizen, has launched at Generously supported by a 2010 Rockefeller Foundation Cultural Innovation award, City Atlas guides and inspires New Yorkers to participate in building a more sustainable future. An optimistic, relevant, and accessible hub of daily resources and ideas, the Atlas creates new and larger audiences for sustainability by mapping the important work being done by members of New York's rich cultural, scientific, political and grassroots communities.

City Atlas consists of the following components:

Explore | A collection of interactive maps tracing New York's changing present and possible future

Lifestyle | A daily feed of events, tips, new ideas, and "NY Back" volunteer opportunities

People | We ask New Yorkers--everyday people and experts alike--to share their thoughts on the city's present and future

Lab | Our very own micro funding initiative supporting innovative, participatory, and on the ground sustainability work in NYC

Archive | A collection of recent creative projects about the city

The weekly 'Atlas Beat' will feature a map of our top listings for the week, including current events, new ideas, and fun facts.

"Communicating the impressive amount of sustainability work that people are already doing in an accessible and community-minded way is a critical step in shrinking the gap between where our cities are and where we want them to be. We think the Atlas is something that New York and other cities need andwe are extremely excited to launch it here," said Carina Molnar, Co-Founder of City Atlas and the Applied Programs Manager at the CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities.

"Ultimately, the Atlas is about climate change communications, about using live culture to affect climate impacts," said Edwin Torres, Associate Director at The Rockefeller Foundation.

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