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Dean David Steiner testifies before Governor Cuomo's committee on education

On Tuesday, July 9, for the second summer in a row, the 25 member Education Reform Commission, a body of businessmen, government officials union leaders, researchers, legislators and nonprofit executives that reports to Governor Andrew Cuomo, visited New York City to hear testimony on ways to transform the way teaching and learning occurs at schools in New York state, with a focus on teacher preparation policies.

Among the prominent educators giving testimony before the committee was Klara & Larry Silverstein Dean of the School of Education at Hunter College David Steiner, the former State Education Commissioner, who suggested that the next generation of controversial school closings could happen in higher education.

Dr. Steiner urged the commission to consider that ultimatum if schools are not producing quality graduates despite having been given an opportunity to adopt needed reforms.

"It is extremely difficult politically to close a college. It's almost as difficult to close a program," Steiner said. "But we all know the dirty secret, which is that there are programs in this country churning out teachers who are not effective with our students and that's a tragedy."

"There's no point in having data if you don't act on it," Dr. Steiner added. The commission has one more meeting planned for later this summer before issuing a new set of recommendations to Governor Cuomo.

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