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Four Hunter Grads Win CUNY’s 2019 Salk Scholarship

Every year, the City University awards its Jonas E. Salk Scholarship to eight graduates of CUNY senior colleges. The Salk Scholarship covers part of the cost of four years of medical school or a doctoral program in biomedical science. The awards are based on an assessment of scholarly scientific papers produced by the candidates.

For the second year in a row, four of the eight scholarship winners are from Hunter.

Hunter congratulates these four new Salk Scholars:

Rachel Hecht ’18,
class valedictorian, who has been accepted by all seven of the MD/PhD programs she applied to: Harvard; Yale; NYU; the Tri-Institutional Program of Weill Cornell, Rockefeller University, and Memorial Sloan Kettering; Vanderbilt; Johns Hopkins; and the University of Pittsburgh.

Alec Levine ’18,
Hunter Macaulay Honors Scholar, who was accepted by three of the nation’s premier medical schools and will attend the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis.

Marie Mazzeo ’18,
Hunter Macaulay Honors Scholar and class valedictorian, who has been accepted by four leading medical schools: NYU, Icahn (Mount Sinai), Perelman (University of Pennsylvania), and the Mayo Clinic.

Hamza Sadhra ’19,
Hunter Macaulay Honor Scholar and Hunter Hawk tennis star, who as a sophomore in 2017 was one of only eight students in the U.S. to gain early acceptance to the University of Rochester School of Medicine.

For more information about the Salk Scholarship, Hunter students and graduates should contact the Pre-Health Advising Office at (212) 772-5246 or For information about other top scholarships and fellowships awarded locally and nationally, contact The Ruth & Harold Newman Office of Prestigious Scholarships & Fellowships at (212) 396-6910 or

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