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Hunter’s Myrna Fader Honored for Student Advocacy

At the fourth annual CUNY Honors Opportunity Conference held in November, Myrna Fader, Hunter College's Coordinator of Grants and Scholarships, received the "Outstanding Student Advocate Award" for her exceptional skills and commitment to student success. 

The honor, Fader says, came as a "complete surprise," noting "it wasn't until the name being announced started sounding familiar that I had any idea." The award comes on the heels of Hunter's being recognized as a "top producer" of Fulbright scholars, an area in which Fader devotes much of her time and energy.

Fader, who has been member of the CUNY family since her student days at City College, where she earned both a BA in sociology and an MA in guidance counseling, has been at Hunter for 29 years. She insists that aside from working closely with students, one of the aspects she likes most about her work is its lack of routine. "The process is constantly changing," she explains, "so there is always something new to learn, and the work stays fresh." 

Naturally pleased when a student is picked as a Fulbright scholar, Fader also notes that she is sure to take care that the application process itself is a positive one for the students. "In the end, the decision is subjective," she says of the awarding of the Fulbright, "what qualifies a student one year doesn't necessarily qualify for the next, so we want them to have a learning experience, regardless of the outcome."

Fader, who has seen Hunter students win 19 Fulbright scholarships in six years, is looking forward to helping the next generation of students achieve their goals.

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