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Style Guide Overview

The Hunter College Style Guide was developed in order to simplify decision-making when writing on behalf of the College. Hunter writers, editors, faculty members, alumni and administrators, those who write for the web as well as those who develop print material, are asked to abide by these style guidelines. This guide aims to:

  • ensure correctness and consistency in punctuation, spelling and grammar
  • establish standards for clear and consistent writing
  • send a professional message to readers
  • ensure a unified brand and web presence

Not only will these guidelines perpetuate a consistent and positive College identity, but they will also help ensure that your readers comprehend the message you are trying to convey.

While this guide was designed to address some of the most common issues encountered when writing on behalf of the College, we suggest you refer to the AP Stylebook and/or Webster's Collegiate Dictionary for further guidance on more specific issues.

Please note that these guidelines are specific to Hunter College and may vary from other recommended writing styles. Moreover, these guidelines are intended for use with marketing, news and promotional materials only; they should not be referred to when writing academic or scholarly essays.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if you have any additional questions, comments or suggestions for this guide, please contact the Hunter College Communications Office at


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