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Admissions Information

Eligibility Requirements


Admission into the COMHE major is competitive. All applicants, inluding Hunter College students, must apply for admission to the program, for which entry is Fall ONLY. Students may apply during the semester in which they are completing pre-requisites for the program. Eligibility requirements for admission to the COMHE major are:

  1. Completion of 60 credits at time of admission to the program (courses may still be in progress in the spring and summer after applying to COMHE major and before entering the program in the Fall)
  2. A combined GPA of 3.0 from all post-secondary institutions attented
  3. Submission of a 500-word essay, in the supplemental application
  4. At least a grade of "C" or better in the prerequisite courses listed below
  5. Completion of the following Prerequisite Courses:
  • English Composition (ENG 12000 or equivalent) - 3 cr
  • Intro to Sociology (SOC 10100 or equivalent) - 3 cr
  • Introductory level Psychology OR Anthropology (PSYCH 10000, PSYCH 15000, ANTHC 10100, or equivalent) - 3 cr
  • Introductory level Statistics (STAT 11300 or STAT 21300 [STEM] PSYCH 24800, SOC 24100, ECON 22100, or equivalent) - 3 credits
  • Any upper level course (at least 200 level) in the Social Sciences (e.g., Anthropology [ANTHC], Community Health, Psychology, Sociology or Urban Studies, Women and Gender Studies, or Human Rights) - 3 cr.
    *Note: The Statistics prerequisite or SOC 30100 - Medical Sociology - cannot meet this requirement.
  • Any lab science in the Natural Sciences (Preferred: ANTHP 10100 [STEM] or 10200, BIOL 10000 [STEM], BIOL 10200 [STEM], or BIOL 12500 [STEM], or BIOL 15000 [STEM]) – 4 to 4.5 cr

Also see Hunter's general college admission page and requirements >>



Stay tuned for Fall 2018 Admissions Information

  1. Students interested in becoming a COMHE BS major must complete either one or two applications depending on one's status.
    • Current Hunter matriculants submit our UPH/COMHE major application.
      Note: Hunter's Registrar major/minor selection form is not accepted by UPH.
    • Non-Hunter transfer students must submit both a CUNY Transfer Application and our Urban Public Health (UPH) major application as described in more detail below.
    • Applicants taking COMHE prerequisites Spring semester may receive conditional acceptance. Final acceptance intto the major is contingent upon successful completion of one or more prerequisites by Spring, and based on space availability.
    • Hunter Undergraduate Admissions will notify all applicants of the major decision status by mid-April or earlier.
  2. CUNY Undergraduate Transfer Application: Non-Hunter students  must complete CUNY's online Undergraduate Transfer Application to apply for admission to Hunter College, in accordance with CUNY guidelines. Deadline: February 1 (January 1 for applicants with an international transcript).  Applicants should not declare COMHE as a major unless they have completed all prerequisites, or are in the processes of doing so during the Spring semester.  All transfer students must also complete the UPH departmental major application (see #3)

    Students who are completing a final prerequisite the summer before the entering Fall semester should declare an alternative major on their transfer application (e.g., psychology or, preferable, a 2nd major for which you wish to be considered); CUNY will otherwise deny acceptance to both Hunter and the COMHE major in view of incomplete prerequisites. 

    Transfer Application tracking: See Admissions or CUNY UAPC online instructions, or contact Hunter Undergraduate Admissions.
  3. UPH/COMHE online major applicationApplication open for submissions Jan 1 - Feb 28 2018 (See sample application)

    Both current Hunter AND transfer students must complete the UPH/COMHE online application during the application 'open' period. You can complete the application in one or more sittings by saving the link and returning to the application. DO NOT, however, 'submit' until the application is complete, including unofficial transcript uploads.

    When completing the application, have available transcripts with courses/grades and cumulative GPA. Also be prepared to upload unofficial transcripts for all colleges attended, as the UPH faculty committee does not have access to transcripts. If currently an active student, do not submit the application before Fall grades are posted and any Spring 2018 registration is complete.
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