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We are pleased to announce that beginning Fall 2018, we will offer a 12-credit minor concentration in Community Health!


Program Description

The new 12-credit minor in Community Health (COMHE) is designed to provide a basic acquaintance with the activities and aims of Community and Public Health. The COMHE minor will be especially useful for Statistics majors seeking a graduate degree or work in Biostatistics, Social Science majors contemplating careers in the medical care sector, or students interested in public or social service in the health arena.

Students will take a programmed sequence of four (4) courses which offer a basic grounding in public health thinking in concert with skills valuable to further study and employment.

**NOTE: It is strongly recommended that students complete STAT 11300 - Introductory Level Statistics and SOC 10100 - Introduction to Sociology (or transfer equivalents) prior to entering the COMHE minor.


Part A. Subject Areas (6 credits)

Students will choose two (2) of the following courses:

COMHE 30300 - Social Structure and Health (writing intensive) - 3cr

COMHE 30600 - Social Disparities in Health - 3cr

COMHE 32500 - Environmental Public Health - 3cr

COMHE 32800 - Public Health Biology -3 cr
(Note: Human Biology majors in good academic standing may replace this course with COMHE 32500 - Environmental Health as part of their major).

COMHE 33000 - Principles of Epidemiology - 3 cr
*It is strongly recommended that students minoring in Community Health complete STAT 11300 - Introductory Level Statistics (or transfer equivalent) prior to enrolling in COMHE 33000.


Part B. Applications (6 credits)

Students will take both of the following required courses:

COMHE 41100 - Community Health Assessment - 3 cr
This course prepares students to collect and analyze data on community health issues and groups from a variety of sources, to identify problems and assets; understand community needs, preferences, and priorities; and develop objectives for culturally competent community health interventions and programs.

COMHE 41300, Research Symposium - 3 cr
This course offers instruction in the research methods most commonly used by those working in community health. Topics include formulating research questions; conducting a literature search on a health issue using a variety of academic and public databases; writing reviews of scholarly literature relevant to research questions; and being critical consumers of research presented.


Applying to the COMHE Minor
If you are interested in applying for the COMHE minor, please complete this School of Urban Public Health (UPH) departmental online form.


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