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What is the Community Health study and profession?

What can I do with a BS degree in community health?

Hunter's community health (Comhe) curriculum prepares students for positions in hospitals and clinics, community, advocacy and non-profit domestic & internationally focused organizations, governmental agencies, corporate health offices, and health insurance and marketing firms. The major is also a stepping stone for students who seek advanced education such as a Master's in Public Health (MPH), Masters in Public Administration (MPA), Social Work, or in other health related areas.

How do I learn more about the Comhe BS major?-- Information Sessions!

RSVP for and attend an information session! In addition to reviewing our website, we typically offer an info session 1x per semester. Dates/time/location show on our website calendar.

Current Hunter students should also make an appointment with main campus Academic Advising to confirm you are on the path to meet Pathway, Focus as well as COMHE prerequisite requirements. Advisors specializing in COMHE are Maureen O'Conor and Arthur Ford.

If you are not in the metropolitan area and have additional questions, email or call Nzinga Ajani or 212-396-7729.

Where is COMHE located? Silberman Campus

Comhe is part of the School of Urban Public Health (UPH), located at Hunter's Silberman Campus, 2180 Third Avenue, NY, NY, 5th floor.  

When are courses offered?

The Comhe BS is a day study only (no evening classes.) Courses meet at our Silberman campus, also the location for UPH/Comhe faculty and staff. Courses typically meet 2.50 hours, M-TH mornings or afternoon. Occassionally we may offer a class 4-6:30PM along with a few online classes. Each course is 3 credits and meets one day per week for 2.50 hours.  Comhe may occassionally offer electives at the Hunter's main 68th Street & Lexington Avenue main campus.[back to top]

Where do I locate COMHE courses on Hunter's online Schedule of Classes?

Look for 'Public Health-COMHE within the Cuny First online schedule pull-down menu[back to top]

What are the admissions requirements?

Comhe accepts students Fall & Spring semesters. Courses meet day only (non evening classes.)

Students apply as they approach junior level. We welcome both transfer and current Hunter students who have a minimum of 60 earned undergraduate credits upon the Fall admissions semester, including required prerequistes, and a minimum 3.0 GPA. Committed students with a slightly lower GPA should consult with Prof. Philip Alcabes, COMHE faculty advisor. Those with a more than slightly lower GPA SHOULD NOT apply for the major.

NOTE: Comhe BS majors must satisfy Hunter foreign language World Culture and Foreign Issues requirement. Direct all questions regarding Pathways and the Hunter Focus requirements to Hunter Academic Advising or, for transfer students, Hunter's Welcome Center.

How do I apply for the COMHE BS major?

Students transferring to Hunter must complete two applications:
1. CUNY'S UAPC Transfer Application (mark community health as a major only if you have completed or, in the semester of application, are in the process of completing Comhe admissions prerequisites. If completing prerequisites Spring semester, you have two choices. You may apply to Hunter before you register for Spring OR, what until you complete Spring registration so the prerequisites show in-progress. If you apply and select COMHE but are missing prerequisite grades or registration, you will be rejected both from Hunter, unless you've selected a second major at Hunter for which you qualify. DO NOT declare the Comhe major if you do not meet the major admissions and prerequisite conditions described above and under our Admissions link.

2. Complete our UPH/COMHE departmental application we'll make public on our website Jan 1. Deadline: Feb 28. If registered both Fall 2016 and Spring 2017, complete only once Fall grades and Spring registration appear on your transcript. DO NOT apply for the major if you do not meet the major admissions and prerequisite conditions described above and under our Admissions link.

Current Hunter Students:
Complete our UPH/COMHE departmental application we'll make public on our website Jan 1. Deadline: Feb 28. If registered both Fall 2016 and Spring 2017, complete only once Fall grades and Spring registration appear on your transcript.

When will I learn of my acceptance to the major?

Fall admittance application review begins mid-February. Hunter Admissions will inform you of the decision by late March. Students who have not yet successfully completed prerequisites may receive provisional admittance pending completion. Contact Hunter Undergraduate Admissions with questions re your application status. Transfer students can also track their transfer application via the UAPC website (see CUNY's transfer application website for information as UPH/COMHE is not able to assist with the transfer application.)

If you've applied within the deadline, have a strong application, met or are meeting prerequisites, but are denied acceptance (to Hunter for transfer students) or to the major, examine the reason for denial and contact Hunter Admissions with questions.

How many applicants do you accept each year & what are the criteria of acceptance?

Comhe accepts 25-35 applicants each year. While we will accept late applications, consideration is contingent on space availability.

The Comhe admissions committee will review an applicants overall academic record and brief statement of interest. All applicants should select a second and third choice College and/or major in the event they are not accepted to COMHE.

How many years to complete the major, and may I attend part-time?

With major courses offered 1x per year, most students attend full-time and study as a cohort and complete major courses in two years (four semesters.) Comhe does admit part-time students who typically complete major requirements in four years (8 semesters.)[back to top]

May I take Comhe Major Courses on a pass/fail or credit/no credit basis?

No, all Comhe major courses require a letter grade.

I am a transfer student. How are my courses evaluated for transfer?

Hunter undergraduate Admissions handles all aspects of the transfer application, including course equivalency evaluations. Students transferring courses from a two or four year CUNY school can use the online CUNY Course Catalog to cross-CUNY equivalencies (select your college, subject, course and press 'Fetch' to see equivalencies, if any, at each CUNY school.) If denied equivalency but you see the course appears to be equivalent to one offered at Hunter, email the respective Hunter academic department and include your transcript, course number and course syllabus and request equivalency review. If you do not have a syllabus, include the College's course catalog listing and, if known, the textbook used for the class plus author/publisher.

Do you have an orientation for accepted students?

Yes, the orientation is generally offered within the first week Fall semester.

Is there support to locate the required internship, and when can internship hours be completed?

Your academic advisor will provide assistance and strategies in locating an internship. We understand students often work and have other familial life obligations. While students register for the internship the second Spring semester of the major, COMHE permits students to begin or complete the internship during the preceding summer.

Do you have a COMHE student club?

Not at present but we hope students will develop an on-going club community in future to provide mutual support, support to future new majors, and as a continuing network after graduation.

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