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Giulia Bencini, Ph.D.
Associate Professor 
(sabbatical leave 2015-16 academic year)  

Phone: 212 481 4435

Email: Giulia Bencini

Professional Interests: Linguistic theory and psycholinguistics, first and second language acquisition with a focus on English syntax, neural bases of language processing and language disorders, applications of linguistic theory and psycholinguistic methods to language learning and rehabilitation. Courses Taught: English Phonetics and Phonology, Language Science (English linguistics and psycholinguistics), Aphasia and Language processes across the lifespan.

Professor Bencini's research combines linguistic theory, psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic methods to examine grammatical aspects of the English language at the phonological, lexical and syntactic level. She has worked on the representation and processing of verb argument structure constructions, questions, passives, syntactic subject constructions in a variety of populations. 

She studies language representation and processing in normal English speaking adults, in typical and atypical learners of English as their first language and learners of English as a second language/bilinguals. She is interested in identifying the linguistic representations and psychological/neural mechanisms that underlie a speaker’s ability to abstract and generalize language functions to novel contexts. She studies language processes in adults with language impairments and applies linguistic theory and psycholinguistic methods to localize language impairments and inform treatment approaches. In turn she uses psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic data to constrain language theories.


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