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Faculty in Hunter's Computer Science Department


Teaching Computer Science

Spend some time getting to know our professors and you'll discover why Hunter's Computer Science students thrive before and after graduation:

Christina Zamfirescu

Christina Zamfirescu, Professor

Office: Hunter North 1008-C
Phone: 212-650-3854
Fax: 212-772-5219
Area of Specialty: Graph Theory: algorithmic combinatorics & networks, molecular complexity, intersection digraph representation.
Educational Background: Master's in O.R. University of Bucharest, Ph.D. in Natural Sciences (Graph Theory /Computer Science)- RWTH-Aachen, Germany.
Courses Taught: Architecture Logic, Linear Programming, Graph Theory.
Recent Publications: New Complexity Indices based on Edge Covers w/S. Bertz, Cyclic and Cliquewise connectedness in Line Graphs (Discrete Math), Intersection of Largest Cycles in Grid Graphs III w/B. Meuke.

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