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Ms. Clara Ng, CSCI major-QuBI Concentrator Wins Prestigious McNulty Scholarship

This program is designed to equip extraordinary science and math majors at Hunter College with the knowledge and experiences that will enable them to become leaders in their fields. You were nominated for this honor by Hunter College faculty in your major department in recognition of your superb academic record. There are five components to the John P. McNulty Scholars Program • Research experience: McNulty Scholars receive hands-on research experience during the academic year in the laboratory of a Hunter College faculty member. • Mentoring: McNulty Scholars receive scientific, academic and career guidance from the Hunter faculty members who run the labs in which they work. They also receive peer advice and guidance from other McNulty Scholars. • Professional Development: McNulty Scholars have the opportunity to participate in workshops and seminars that will help them advance in their scientific careers (topics may include, for example, applying to graduate school, preparing scientific posters, networking at professional conferences). These opportunities will be offered by Hunter’s Science Mathematics Opportunities Network (SciMON). • Conferences, Speakers and Events: McNulty Scholars are invited to participate in science and math events offered at Hunter College, including Hunter's annual Science Poster Day, and they are provided with up to $500 for travel to scientific meetings, conference or events and/or for preparation of scientific posters. • Financial support: McNulty Scholars receive up $4000 per year, of which up to $1500 may be applied to tuition (depending on financial need); the balance is awarded as a research stipend. This is a one-year award, starting August 27, 2012.

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