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Welcome to the Computer Science Department


pictures from around hunter, with CS images overlayed.

Technology, Information, Theory & Systems

The Department of Computer Science is located at Hunter's 68th street campus on the upper east side of Manhattan. Providing students with outstanding preparation both for employment as computer professionals and for future graduate study, the department expects students to construct creative solutions to challenging problems in a variety of contexts. The small but diverse faculty works closely with students in an open and collegial atmosphere. Our curriculum focuses on hands-on programming skills as well as the mathematics of computer science— the theoretical foundations that support current technology and will guide its future development. Learn More...


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FALL 2017 CS ACADEMIC ADVISING SCHEDULE:  Eric Schweitzer's advising hours . . .

Walk-in hours (priority will be given to students enrolled in his F'17 classes):  Mondays & Tuesdays, 2:00p - 3:00p
By Appointment (priority given to general/departmental advising), Mondays & Wednesdays, 6:00p - 7:00p AND Fridays 2:00p-3:00p...
to schedule an appointment, consult:

ON LINE TUTORIALS FOR C++ (courtesy of CSCI Professor Stewart Weiss)

You will find tutorials on subjects as diverse as  using GCC, accessing command-line arguments in C/C++,  creating software libraries, and using SSH:  Check them out. 

On this page there are lecture notes, readings, and lab exercises, with many more tutorials, that I gave to my CSci 136 class in 2012 when I last taught it. They cover Unix basics as well as C++ basics.


Students are advised when encountering problems with the CSCI Department's LINU Lab, a new e-mail account has been established:

  • Send all enquiries from your @myhunter account/sign in using your full name as it appears on CUNYfirst;
  • Include your COMPSCI user name;
  • Include the exact command you're using;
  • Include the exact error message you're getting;
  • Include the name of the ecomputer in the LINUX lab you're trying to log onto or the IP address of the remote computer you're trying to log in from. 


Learn about its rules, policies and regulations (and prevent your account from being inadvertently annulled) and download schedules for the "G"-Lab" and Bletchley Park (Room 1000) to find room availability for the Spring 2015 semester.


Learning Goals for Computer Science Students:

Hunter College has asked each department to develop a plan for assessing how well it does in teaching its majors. Read more...


 Front page photo collage courtesy of Dr. Saad Mneimneh.