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CUNYfirst Implementation Timeline at Hunter

CUNYfirst Timeline for Hunter College

July 2008 General Ledger (GL) segment implemented: base system for all college financial transactions.
June 2009 Planning and Budgeting segment implemented: line item budgeting system for capturing approved budget data.
June 2009 Human Capital Management (HCM) segment implemented: base Human Resource system.
September 2009 Talent Acquisition Management (TAM) segment implemented: CUNY's employee recruiting system.
November 2009 Faculty Workload segment implemented: the system for capturing instructional, research and other responsibilities for reporting purposes.
March 5, 2012 Planning and Budgeting segment implemented: prepare salaries, earnings and benefits budgets for positions and employees.
March 22, 2013 (at close of business)
SIMS (and eSIMS) is locked and students, faculty and staff can no longer access it. Student can still access CUNY online schedule of classes (eSchedule). Hunter's online schedule of classes remains available until students can claim their CUNYfirst accounts, but is no longer updated. 
March 22 - April 1 College personnel at Hunter will record all transactions involving student data in some other form. This information will need to be entered manually into the CUNYfirst system, once it is live and available. At Hunter, SIMS is now available for reports and inquiries only.  
March 27 (4 pm) - April 1 ALL current live CUNYfirst applications will be unavailable CUNY-wide: Human Capital Management/Talent Acquisition Management, Budgeting, Procurement for NY City Business Units, Faculty Workload and the General Ledger.

Faculty and staff will not be able to claim their CUNYfirst accounts during this period.
April 4
CUNYfirst Campus Solutions segment goes live.
Starting April 8                       
Students can claim their CUNYfirst accounts.
April 15

Summer registration started and currently continues (details (PDF)). Students must use CUNYfirst (not eSIMS) to register for classes. Registration for new summer non-degree students started in May as their admission process was completed.

Faculty advisors started entering class permissions in CUNYfirst.

Instructors (appearing in the schedule of classes) and departments can obtain current class rosters from CUNYfirst; new adjunct faculty need to be fully processed by HR first.

May 15
Start of Fall 2013 registration (details (PDF)); Summer 2013 registration continues (details (PDF)).
May 17- June 3
Faculty enter Spring 2013 course grades in CUNYfirst (Grade Roster memo Spring 2013 (PDF)).
June Faculty verify attendance in CUNYfirst for Summer 2013 classes.
End of June 2013 CUNYfirst Procurement segment goes live. CUNYfirst is used for all state tax levy Purchasing and Accounts Payable transactions.
July 17-22

Faculty enter Summer Session 1 grades in CUNYfirst for courses that ended on or prior to 7/15 (Grade Roster memo Summer Session1 2013 (PDF)).

Aug. 19-26 Faculty enter grades in CUNYfirst for the following Summer Sessions: 5 Week 2, 5 Week 3, and 11 Week 1  (Grade Roster memo for Summer Session 2013--5 Week 2, 5 Week 3, and 11 Week 1 (PDF)).
Sep 17-26 Instructors must complete Verification of Attendance Rosters (formerly Webattendance)Instructors should refer to the Quick Guide: Verification of Attendance Roster (PDF).
Oct. 23-Dec. 30 E-Permits for Winter Session (Spring 1) will be accepted between these dates ONLY.
Oct. 23-
Jan. 27, 2014 
E-Permits for Spring 2014 will be accepted between these dates ONLY.
Dec. 16-Jan. 3, 2014 Faculty must submit Grade Rosters for Fall 2013 semester. Instructors who miss the deadline will have to submit Change of Grade forms for each of their students.
January 2014 Implementation of the Asset Management segment: CUNY system for tagging all college-owned materials.
February 18-27 Instructors must complete Verification of Attendance Rosters (formerly Webattendance) for spring 2014 semesterInstructors should refer to the Quick Guide: Verification of Attendance Roster 
March 2014 Implementation of the Financial Aid segment.
July/August 2014 Implementation of the Admissions segment.
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