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Hunter College Dance Program's Lecture/Demonstration Touring Group is a highly successful outreach program which Hunter College dance majors have presented in New York City high schools for the past 23 years. Since 1988, every fall semester, Hunter dance majors and minors have traveled to New York City high schools to perform a lecture/demonstration focused on the similarities and differences among five dance forms.
The lecture/demonstration compares modern dance, ballet, West African dance, HipHop and folk dance, thereby giving students an overview of the diversity present in dance and also introducing them to dance as a field of study in college. The lecture/demonstration functions effectively as a recruitment tool; many current and former Hunter dance majors first became aware of the Hunter College Dance Program during this lecture/demonstration outreach performance.  Between 50 and 200 high school students form the audience at each of approximately seven schools visited each academic year.
These outreach lecture/demonstration performances, as well as an intensive period of preparatory rehearsals, are requirements in a core course for majors: DAN 440 Lecture/Demonstration Touring Group. Via direct participation, students learn about myriad aspects of preparing for and presenting a performance tour. Participation in the Lecture/Demonstration Touring Group is much like being a member of a professional dance company, thus it enabled students to make an informed decision about whether such work would interest them. The class also imparts valuable work skills such as responsibility toward a group effort and expressing oneself clearly during public speaking. Lecture/Demonstration Touring Group is a necessary part of the dance major.


 HipHop LecDem
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