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Sharing the Legacy, April 2004




Over 100 colleges and universities expressed interest in the 2004 Sharing the Legacy conference. Seventeen colleges and universities brought more than 160 faculty and students to Hunter College. Two days of master classes, panel discussions and performances addressed the challenges of preserving historically significant dance. The 2004 Conference expanded to include two fully produced gala concerts at the Kaye Playhouse at Hunter College. University and conservatory students performed masterworks of 20th century dance, learning about dance history through direct participation. Students traveled from as far as Hawaii and Grenoble, France for the event.

The conference included four master classes. In each class, a master teacher introduced students to the legacy of a major legend of American 20th century dance. Lester Horton was represented by Troy Powell, José Limón by Carla Maxwell, Bob Fosse by Bill Hastings and Alwin Nikolais by Murray Louis. Additionally, Sharing the Legacy included a presentation by the American Dance Legacy Institute, "New Dance Group Anthology" and a panel discussion entitled, "20th Century Dance in the 21st Century: Why Look Back?" with a roster of panelists including Joan Finkelstein, Denise Jefferson, Lourdes Lopez, Wendy Perron, and Gus Solomons Jr, with a keynote address by Deborah Jowitt. Our goal is to offer the future generation of dancers an opportunity to hear directly from those who have added so much to the legacy of dance.

Friday, April 2, 2004:

"Lazy Nautch" - Ruth St. Denis - Arizona State University
"Celebration" - Martha Graham - Barnard College
"Serenade" - George Balanchine - Barnard College
"Happy Endings Every Time" - Jack Cole - Brown University
"Tenant of the Street" - Eve Gentry - Brown University
"Deserts d'Amour" - Dominique Bagouet - University of Grenoble
"The Unsung" - José Limón - Long Island University
"Rooms Etude" - Anna Sokolow - University of Alabama
"Varshavianka" - Isadora Duncan - University of Alabama
"Heretic" - Martha Graham - University of Colorado
"Pahu Trilogy" - Maiki Aiu Lake - University of Hawaii
"Hexentanz" - Mary Wigman - University of Hawaii
"Pond" - Alwin Nikolais - Hunter College
"Line Up" - Trisha Brown - Hunter College
"Strange Fruit" - Pearl Primus - Hunter College

Saturday, April 3, 2004

"Primitive Mysteries" - Martha Graham - Boston Conservatory
"Ave Maria" and "Pizacatti" - Michio Ito - George Washington University
"Pond" - Alwin Nikolais - Hunter College
"Line Up" - Trisha Brown - Hunter College
"Partita V, op. 1 in G Major" - Doris Humphrey - Lamar University
"Bach Suite" - Murray Louis - Ohio University
"Music of Charles Ives" - Anna Sokolow - Slippery Rock University
"There is a Time" - José Limón - Temple University
"Mambo Magic" - Cuban Pete - U. of the Arts/Philadelphia
"Preludes" - Anna Sokolow - U. of CA/Santa Barbara
"Classic Kite Tails" - Erick Hawkins - University of Richmond
"Strange Fruit" - Pearl Primus - Hunter College


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