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Faculty & Staff

Carol K. Walker

Chair of Dance / Professor

(212) 772-5010

David Capps

Associate Professor

(212) 772-5014

Maura Donohue

Associate Professor/Dance Advisor

(212) 772-6122

Kathleen Isaac

Assistant Professor/Director of Arnhold Graduate Programs in Dance Ed

(212) 396-6635

Quilan Arnold

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Catherine Green Anthony

Adjunct Lecturer/ Dance Advisor

Burke Brown

Adjunct Professor

Laura Brungard

Adjunct Lecturer

Alberto "Tito" Del Saz

Adjunct Lecturer

Nina Goldman

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Celia Ipiotis

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Karisma Jay

Adjunct Lecturer

Jessica Nicoll

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Traci Peterson

Adjunct Lecturer

Jessica Powers

Adjunct Lecturer

Pedro Ruiz

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Michael Thomas

Adjunct Lecturer

Blakeley White-Mcguire

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Will Watkins

Technical Manager

(212) 772-6966

Jana Feinman 

Prof. Emeritus & Former Director of Dance Program 1992-2015

Dorothy Vislocky

Prof. Emeritus. Founder and Director of Dance Program 1972-1983

Christina Cetoute

Administrative Coordinator

(212) 772-5012

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