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Adjunct Professor, Maria Bauman Honored at Gibney Dance

Maria Bauman is a professor at Hunter's Dance Department. She recently presented a performance on Gibney's stage.

Adjunct Professor, Maria Bauman Honored at Gibney Dance

dying and dying and dying

Maria Bauman is an adjunct professor in Hunter College's Dance Department teaching Fundamentals of Contemporary Dance and Repertory this fall 2017. Bauman is Gibney's Community Action Artist in Residence and received the Beth Silverman-Yam Social Action Award in 2017. She presented her work dying and dying and dying September 14th-6th on the Gibney dance stage this year.

"dying and dying and dying is a meditation on various kinds of endings. Choreographer Maria Bauman feels charged with alive-ness while at the same time embracing the paradox of multiple deaths happening every moment. This work is the result of dancing that paradox. "I notice that I practice dying during my yoga practice in Savansana, or Corpse Pose. Black people are dying at the hands of police in overwhelming numbers and I notice how that makes me urgently aware of my loved ones' mortality and of my own. I am aware that we are, in fact, dying all the time from the moment we are born. And this constant dying makes me think of capitalism which seems like its opposite-constant producing. I realize that in my own life I want to interrupt capitalism, my internalized prioritizing of doing more and faster, with small deaths-moments of rest, of nothing, of stopping. How do we? Can we?"'

You can find more about Maria Bauman at Gibney's website.

To read a review on the performance please check out this article by the dance enthusiast.

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