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Dance Minor

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The dance minor requires both studio and classroom courses as a foundation, and then allows student flexibility in choosing other areas of interest and study. Some students, through these courses, will delve into subjects quite different from their chosen major; others will find vital connections across disciplines.

Examples of interdisciplinary linkages with potential to develop into professional opportunities are:

English major/dance minor: dance criticism or performance studies
Psychology major/dance minor: dance/movement therapy
Biology major/dance minor: motor learning/neurology/physical therapy
History major/dance minor: history of arts in culture
Anthropology major/dance minor: cultural studies

Required courses: a minimum of 16 credits total, plus crew work

The following 2 courses must be taken prior to declaration of the minor: DAN 101 Fundamentals of Contemporary Dance (can be waived by program permission), DAN 102: Dance, Dancers and the Audience

Further required courses:

DAN 210: Contemporary Technique I
DAN 221: Improvisation as Creative Process
1 additional dance technique course, selected from the following:

DAN 145 Fundamentals of Ballet
DAN 151 Folk Forms of Dance
DAN 220 Contemporary Technique 2
DAN 245 Ballet I
DAN 252.00 West African I, Yoga I, or Hip Hop
DAN 310 Contemporary Technique 3
DAN 320 Contemporary Technique 4
DAN 345 Ballet 2
DAN 352.00 Yoga 2

A minimum of 6 additional credits in Dance: Any DAN course at the 200 level or above. At least one of these must be a 3-credit course (choices must be approved by Dance Faculty Advisor)

Participation on one production crew team for a fully produced Dance Program concert

Placement in technique courses above the Fundamentals level is by placement class, recommendation of instructor, or department permission. Repeated courses may not be counted in these requirements.

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