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Boot Camps/First Week Tutoring




Need to “clear the fog” and get ready for your courses?

ALGEBRA BOOT CAMPS (to prep for MATH 101 and other courses needing basic algebra skills)
We will review fractions, decimals, percents, integers, order of operations, equations, inequalities, polynomials.

PRECALCULUS BOOT CAMPS  (to prep for MATH125 and other courses needing advanced algebra skills)
We will review polynomials, rational expressions, exponents, advanced equations, inequalities.

CALCULUS BOOT CAMPS (to prep for MATH 150 and other courses needing precalculus skills)
We will review basic algebra, geometry, functions and trigonometry.

NURSING BOOT CAMPS (to prep for NURSING and other courses needing applied Algebra skills)
We will review Roman Numerals, Ratios & Proportions, Conversions, Linear Equations, and Mixing Solutions.

STATISTICS BOOT CAMPS (to prep for STAT 113 and STAT 212 and other courses using introductory statistics content)
We will review Radicals, Linear Equations, Decimals, Factorials, Quadratics, Binomial Expressions and Venn Diagrams.