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The Dolciani Mathematics Learning Center has a variety of part-time positions available each semester for Federal Work Study students and Departmental College Assistants and Student Aides. These include tutoring, circulation area assistant, clerical assistant, computer assistant, and equipment assistant positions. Rates of pay are determined by contractual agreement. In general, they vary from $7.25 to $17.00 per hour, depending on experience and qualification.

Receptionist/Office Assistant:

You may be asked to take care of responsibilities which include, but are not limited to typing, data entry, answering phones, filing and retrieving, providing information, relaying messages, photocopying, serving as receptionist, doing errands, preparing reports, scheduling appointments and supporting full time staff.

Lab Supervisor:
You will be responsible for monitoring the lab; ensuring that all students are being serviced; supervising staff (circulation area and tutors); grading materials; and tutoring as necessary.

Equipment Assistant:
You may be asked to maintain (clean, test, and repair) any and all equipment and furniture in the Center; do inventories; set up the lab.

Clerical Assistant:

You may be asked to input data, alphabetize, and file confidential documents. Knowledge of Word or Excel is not required, but recommended.

Circulation Area Assistant:
You may be asked to answer phones, take messages, monitor student labs, loan out audio visual equipment, do light clerical work.

Computer Assistant:
You may be asked to work with Mathematica, Activstat (along with Word), SPSS, and SAS. Knowledge of all is not required.

You may be asked to tutor students in the content of Math 100 through Math 353 as well as Stat 113 through Stat 311, depending on your abilities. A test is required for each set of courses.

Applications for these positions may be picked up outside of Room 300HN or you can download them here:

Receptionist/Office Assistant Application (PDF)

Circulation Area - Clerical Data Application (PDF)

Computer Assistant Application (PDF)

Tutor Application (PDF)