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Pre-101 Math Workshop



The Pre-101 Workshop is for students who need to take MATH 101 as a prerequisite for MATH 104, MATH 125, or STAT 113 but did not place high enough on the Algebra portion of the COMPASS Math Placement Test to go directly into MATH 101. This workshop is non-credit bearing and is taught using a computer software package called PLATO. It meets four hours per week during the academic year and is the comparable number of hours during the summer. The workshop takes place in the Dolciani Math Learning Center and seats are limited to the numbers of student computers and licenses available. For this reason it is in your best interest to register for the workshop as soon as registration begins since there is no ability for the department to overtally. This workshop is a full semester and does not count towards financial aid.

Registration does not take place on CUNYfirst and, after registering you will NOT see this appear on your bill. You must come to the Dolciani Mathematics Learning Center Administrative Office (Room 300HN) or call the office at (212)772-5371 between 8:00am and 2:30pm during each registration cycle. You must have your EMPL ID#, your myHunter email and the bar code number on the back of your Hunter ID card. No one may register without these 3 pieces of information.  Seats are available mornings, afternoons, evenings and Saturdays, however, there are no Saturday sections in the summer. Attendance at the first class meeting is mandatory and any student who misses the first class meeting will lose their seat. After registration, you will receive a confirming e-mail from us that will also give you information and work needed to be done in advance of the first day of the workshop.

For the Fall and Spring semesters, subject to budget, the sections are generally:
Section 1     M, TH 8:10-10:00    (Cancelled for Fall 2016)
Section 2     M, TH 10:10-12:00
Section 3     M, TH 12:10-2:00
Section 4     M, W 10:10-12:00
Section 5     T, F 8:10-10:00
Section 6     T, F 10:10-12:00
Section 7     T, F 12:10-2:00
Section 8     W, F 12:10-2:00
Section 9     M, W 3:25-5:15
Section 10     M, W 5:35-7:25
Section 11     M, W 7:35-9:25    (Cancelled for Fall 2016)
Section 12     T, TH 3:25-5:15
Section 13     T, TH 5:35-7:25    (Cancelled for Fall 2016)
Section 14     T, Th 7:35-9:25    (Cancelled for Fall 2016)
Section 15     Sat 9:00-12:30
Section 16     Sat 12:30-4:00

For the Summer semester, the workshop is run in the extended summer session. This session is 8 weeks instead of the traditional 6 weeks. Subject to budget, the sections are generally:
Section 71     M, T, W, TH 8:00-9:33
Section 72     M, T, W, TH 9:50-11:23
Section 73     M, T, W, TH 11:40-1:13
Section 74     M, T, W, TH 1:30-3:03
Section 75     M, T, W, TH 3:20-4:53 
Section 76     M, T, W, TH 5:45-7:18

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