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What Our Students Are Saying!



"Chris is Very clear in explaining topics"

"Johanna was really nice and helpful"

"Michael A. is an excellent tutor.  10/10 -- would recommend.  'Emoji sticker okay'"

"Lisette was amazing at explaining all of the math problems and helped me understand everything so clearly.  She was so great.  I feel like I finally understand everything a little more."

"Josh helped me get through the last hour when my brain wanted to give up and I mentally was checked out"

"Daniel is an awesome tutor.  He remember work we did before and was willing to go through problems with me."

"Zhan was an excellent tutor.  He was even able to provide examples outside of my textbook."

Chandra is Amazing <3!

George is amazing!  I made sure to be here every Saturday!


"She is SO good at explaining concepts in a way that I can ACTUALLY understand.  In fact, she does this better than my professor does.  I would love to have her walk me through all topics.  I feel like I wouldn't have as many math struggles if that were the case."

"He's amazing and extremely helpful.  You can tell he truly loves the subject and wants to help."

"Lovely lab. Staff very helpful. I would recommend to any math student. It is a calm environment to study in."

"I received helpful one on one attention that helped me grapple with difficult concepts. Additionally, my lecture class size made it difficult to ask questions about the material during class time. The problem solving sessions provided a small learning environment that made doing practice problems much better."

"Doug was amazing and explained difficult math concepts in a simple way that made it easy to apply them in various ways. He interconnected the topics which helped us understand the importance of each subject we learned."

"It actually helped me for the test by forcing me to review extra math problems"


Sabrina is one of the best tutors in the Center."

Lissette was an amazing tutor and one of the best tutors I've ever worked with."

Aleksandra was very helpful."

Kelly was always there for me when I needed help."

Mayelyn made sure that we really understood the content before they left us to work on our own."

Mel demonstrated great patience when explaining complicated math concepts that I did not understand. It is an incredible feeling to walk in with no knowledge and leave with a mastery of it."

The tutors were always so positive."

“George is an amazing tutor. He was super helpful and the explanations could not have been more clear. He always has a positive attitude towards us every week."

“I was astounded by how clearly George explained even the most difficult concepts. I remember when I didn't understand a problem, he kept explaining it in new and different ways until I finally got it."


 Anton is great!"

“Jimmy is calm and tutors wonderfully. He's great!"

“Lea is patient and knowledgeable."

Stella is really nice and willing to help."

Xiaojun is so patient with calculus"


George is a great tutor."

Phillip is awesome, very clear and helpful"

"Susana is the best tutor ever"


“MARINA IS THE BEST TUTOR! ALWAYS HELPFUL AND READY TO ANSWER ALL YOUR QUESTIONS! Marina actually spends time with you to make sure you understand everything!”

“I ADORE Sam - He works really hard and is always very helpful.”

“Coming to the center got me more straightforward methods to solving math problems, getting a clearer explanation as to how to approach math problems. The extra· practice with an expert is great.”

“The tutor I met answered every question I had, explained everything I didn't understand very well, and made me feel more confident in my own abilities. And you know what? I ACED MY TEST. As in, I got every question right and got 100%”

“The sessions were so great, Thank you!”

“Sarah is really an amazing instructor. Well versed in the material, very patient, clear and concise communicator. She helped me through EVERY problem I had a problem with :)”

“I'm all the risk factors: old, math anxious and full time working with home drama. I have learned to love math and really appreciate the way the Math Lab gives multiple non-judgmental opportunities to succeed...exponentially Thank you.”

“Hunter is a big school and you do not normally receive such individualized care. As an incoming transfer it really made me feel supported.”

“Evan was great, always on time and friendly. Always tried his best to make sure everyone understood the material. Evan is so personable and charming.”

"It was comfortable to work with a small group, and the session leader was able to provide individual attention.”

“The tutors in Pre-101 Workshop are amazing, and extremely helpful”

"I've had a really positive experience with the math center. I've always really struggled with math, barely passing and this semester I am expecting to get an A in my math class because of all the extra help available."


“Doug is fantastic.”

“The leaders are always patient and give you good advice when you make a mistake.”

“Rupinder is awesome!”

“Larry was the best! Really consistent and helpful all of the time.”

“Channa was great about breaking this down and explaining them in a way that I could understand. Both Channa and Paulina were very encouraging and pleasant to work with.”

“Paulina is a great tutor who can really explain things well.”

“Tutors were great!”

“I received help from Sarah just about every week through the math lab. The lab provided a place where I knew I would get help from her and she was always extremely enthusiastic and willing to help. Her extra help has helped me tremendously, making for a pleasant experience every time. She is great!”