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What are the most important things to consider when looking at Education Abroad programs?


Application Process: currently there are two different parts to the applications, the Online Form and the Printed Forms. You should read the Instructions and Policies, complete the Online Form, and complete all of the Printed Forms in order to be considered for your program of choice.

Course Offerings: What courses are you planning on taking? Do you meet the particular program’s prerequisites?

Financing your Education Abroad: There are a variety of awards geared specifically for students interested in getting an international education.

Submitting Payments:

We accept payment as Certified Check or Money Orders ONLY !!!

  • Please make them out to Hunter College.
  • Write your Full Name & the Program Name on the face of the check.
  • Do NOT endorse the checks (do not sign the back of the Certified Check or Money Order.)

Why do I have to submit TWO different applications when applying to Education Abroad programs - the “Online Form” and the “Printed Forms”?


Recently, the City University of New York issued a mandate requiring that all CUNY Colleges consolidate pertinent information regarding all of our students participating in programs abroad. As Hunter College transitions into this new, unified, electronic application system we are looking at the best ways for gathering participant’s information, which can later be integrated into the newer CUNY-Wide system.

Furthermore, there are parts of the “Printed Forms” that cannot be gathered by using only the “Online Form”.  


Why does the Education Abroad Office only accept payments made by Certified Checks or Money Orders?


Education Abroad relies on guaranteed funds to secure our student’s participation in all of our programs abroad. Certified Checks and Money Orders are the best forms of payment used to ensure that neither you (the applicant/student) nor we (Education Abroad Office) accrue unnecessary charges due to bounced checks, and other types of charges because of a lack of funds.

Certified Checks and Money Orders are readily available. The Bank that you do your personal banking with is able to furnish a Certified Check at your request. Money Orders are the cheaper option and they can be purchased anywhere from your local USPS Post Office to your local CVS Pharmacy. Money Orders usually have a limit value of about $500.00. If you choose to pay with a Money Order, keep in mind that you may need to request multiple orders to accommodate the total cost of the program, or the Program Fee.


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