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Our Semester-long Study Abroad in San José, Costa Rica


Fall 2016

Development Studies in Latin America

Hunter College (CUNY), International Center for Development Studies (ICDS) and Universidad Latina



     First Apply Online          Then, Complete the Paper Application (under construction)



Thanks to the generosity of our colleagues at ICDS five (5) $500 scholarships will be available to Hunter students participating in the fall program.                  

To be eligible, students must be:

  • US citizens or permanent residents,
  • Have completed their FAFSA application for Academic Year 2016-17
  • Meet a 3.5 minimum G.P.A requirement and have demonstrated financial need
  • Provide 2 Academic letters of reference
  • Statement of Purpose (can be the same essay used for our program's application)





Hunter College joins forces with the International Center for Development Studies (ICDS) and Universidad Latina to offer our first semester-long study abroad program. This interdisciplinary program will introduce students to various aspects of development studies, giving them the opportunity to get involved in a local community and contribute to human development in Costa Rica. In addition, the program trip to Nicaragua will allow students to compare and contrast human development aspects in both countries.


Students will be housed with selected families in San José, Costa Rica's capital and one of Latin America's safest cities. The program will include various cultural activities as well as day trips. It will also offer 2 longer excursions, one of them a 4-day trip to Nicaragua. Most weekends will be free to give students the opportunity to explore Costa Rica's famous beaches, volcanoes and rain forests.


The program will consist of four courses, two mandatory and two selected from a list of six.

The mandatory courses:

1. Spanish Language

Depending on their level, students will be able to get credits for Hunter SPAN 101, 102, 201, 202, 211, or 221. Students who already have credits for all these courses, will replace the Spanish Language course by Central American Literature (see below).

2. Community Engagement and Sustainable Human Development: A Service-learning Course (Hunter credits for LACS 330.00)

Choice of 2 of the following courses:

1. Current Environmental Issues in Latin America (Hunter credits for PGEOG 383.65 - Prereq: GEOL 105, GEOG 226 or PGEOG 130) - SYLLABUS

2. Rural and Urban Sustainable Development: Global and Local Perspectives (Hunter credits for GEOG 245.00 - Prereq: ENGL 120, and GEOG 101.00 or GEOG 150.00 or permission from instructor) - SYLLABUS

3. Development in Latin America from a Gender Perspective (Hunter credits for WGS 300.32) - SYLLABUS

4. Central American Politics (Hunter credits for POLSC 272.29) - SYLLABUS

5. Human Rights in Latin America (Hunter credits for POLSC 272.71) - SYLLABUS

6. Latin America: A Mirror of Reality Through Film (Hunter credits for FILM 213.00 - Prereq: FILM 101.00) - SYLLABUS

7. Central American Literature [taught in Spanish] (Hunter credit for SPAN 371.00 - Prereq: SPAN 341.00; permission from advisor.) - SYLLABUS








Education Abroad Office

E1447 Mon - Fri 9:30am - 5:30pm
Phone: (212) 772-4983
Fax: (212) 772-5005



Estimated Total Costs of Attendance:

Fall 2016 - COSTA RICA COA


Program Fee

$ 3,300.00

$ 6,050.00

Not included in Program Fee (estimates):


Books/ One-meal per day/ Public Transportation

$ 600.00

$ 850.00

TOTAL: $ 10,800.00





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