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Germany, Summer

German Language and Culture Programs

Summer 2020

I) Summary

In collaboration with the Hunter College German Department, Office of Education Abroad recommends two program options for students interested in studying German language and culture in Summer 2020: SUNY Cortland's program in Fulda or CUNY Queens College's program in Berlin.

Dates: See SUNY Cortland (Fulda) and CUNY Queens (Berlin) websites for details

Credits Offered: 6 credits

Application Deadlines:
Fulda, Germany via SUNY Cortland: March 1, 2020 (apply to SUNY Cortland before January 28 for a small discount)
Berlin, Germany via CUNY Queens College: March 26th

All students must FIRST apply to the Hunter Office of Education Abroad to study abroad. THEN students must complete an application for their chosen program through the host school following the Affiliated Programs guidelines (for Fulda) or CUNY Programs guidelines (for Berlin).

Financial Aid: Please be sure to meet with the Financial Aid Office to discuss your particular financial aid package.

Scholarships: In addition to Chancellor’s Global Scholarship, Gilman Scholarship, and Max-Kade Scholarship, students should visit our Scholarships Page for more opportunities.

Students interested in applying for the Max-Kade Scholarship should contact the Hunter College German Department for information.

Students interested in applying for the Gilman scholarship should email Stephen Lassonde at

II) Program Descriptions

Fulda, Germany: SUNY Cortland

Fulda University is located in one of the most beautiful baroque quarters in Germany. The picturesque Old Town of Fulda has timbered houses and winding cobbled lanes with cozy cafes and restaurants. German language courses are offered for all learners from basic to advanced. In addition to these courses, a variety of seminars are offered in English in such fields as Music Therapy, Project Management, Stress Management, and Poverty and Social Work. Excursions to cities and landmarks throughout Germany include Berlin, Cologne, Munich, Weimar, the River Rhine, and to the Ruhr Metropolis. You will have the chance to see famous sights and learn about Germany's history and culture.

To apply:

  1. Apply to the Office of Education Abroad to study abroad. Select "SUNY-Cortland SUMMER: Fulda, Germany" as the "Name of Program."
  2. Register via the Non-Cortland and International Student Registration button.
  3. Submit your program application to SUNY Cortland.

Credits & Grades

Students in this program may receive 6 credits. Note: Students will only receive credits if their converted grade is "C" or above. Letter grades for this program will appear on the transcript, but will not count towards the Hunter GPA. If grades convert to below C (C- to F), they will appear on the transcript as F.

Berlin, Germany: CUNY Queens College

Visit and explore the capital of Germany, a European center of science, politics, culture, and the arts. The most affordable capital within Europe, Berlin's many attractions draw in students and visitors from around the world. The FUBiS program is a highly regarded program for students who want to experience Berlin's dynamic culture while taking German language and culture courses (in German or in English) at the Freie University of Berlin, one of the top research universities in Europe. FUBiS offers German language courses at five different proficiency levels, and culture courses in German and English on European topics. Program fee includes a guided tour through the Reichstag Building and the Federal Parliament, a riverboat tour through downtown Berlin, a weekly movie time with popular and well-known German films, a FUBiS student ID (for reduced price meals at the dining hall, student tickets for sights, museums etc.), access to computing (including the Internet), and printing facilities on campus.

To apply:

  1. Apply to the Office of Education Abroad to study abroad. Select "CUNY-Queens SUMMER: Berlin, Germany" as the "Name of Program."
  2. Submit your program application to CUNY Queens College.

Credits & Grades

Students in this program will receive both credits and letter grades. Grades will count toward their Hunter GPA.


All applicants must fulfill Hunter's general eligibility requirements along with any program-specific prerequisites or requirements.

III) Further Inquiries

Academic Inquiries
Faculty: Professor Lisa Anderson
German Department
Office: HW1408
Phone: (212) 772-5006

Administrative Inquiries
Education Abroad Office, Room E1447
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