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Our Summer Program in Stromboli and Cannatello, Sicily, Italy.


Sicily: Central Mediterranean Archaeology




The Central Mediterranean Archaeology program takes places in two locations in Sicily: Stromboli (a volcanic island in the Aeolian Archipelago) and Cannatello (on the southern coast of Sicily, close to Agrigento). The two sites are important to understand Mediterranean Bronze Age civilization. They are among the best examples of the Mediterranean cultural development within the Bronze Age (2nd millennium BC). Stromboli is a small village founded at the beginning of the Bronze Age, among the firsts testifying to direct connection with the Aegean world. During the Late Bronze Age the sea connectivity is well expressed by Cannatello: a large fortified Mediterranean hub with imports from Cyprus, Crete, Malta and Sardinia.

This program is open to all CUNY students looking to experience an international and interdisciplinary fieldwork. They will work in teams with students and scholars from Italy and other countries. The experience of living and working with an international team in two different locations (a small island and mainland Sicily) will expose the students to the variations in the Mediterranean landscape, types of archaeological sites and methodologies. During the four weeks of this archaeological field school students will gain practical knowledge of the most innovative techniques and methods. The fieldwork will be on the site (topography, GIS, geography, volcanology, stratigraphy, environment, geophysics, geoarchaeology, conservation) and in laboratory (artifacts classification, drawing, conservation; archaeometry, archeological database). The students will also have guided tours to several sites and museum in the surrounding areas. They will be housed in apartments with meals provided.


Website (Stromboli):




Estimated Total Costs of Attendance:

Summer 2016 - SICILY COA


Program Fee

$ 825.00

$ 2,250

Not included in Program Fee (estimates):


$ 1,000.00

TOTAL:  $ 4,075.00


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