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Argentina - Oceanography

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Oceanography in Argentina




Mar del Plata and Puerto Madryn, Argentina


January 3 - 25,  2013

Credits Offered

GEOL 382.82 / PGEOG701.83 - 3 CREDITS
(CUNY tuition is not included in program fee)

Application Deadline

Students applying for STOCS - October 9

Other applicants - October 19

Financial Aid

PELL, STOCS, student loans

Program Fee

$1,620.00 (estimate) includes housing with breakfast, excursions, international health insurance. Airfare not included.

Payment Schedule

$350.00 due with application. $1,270.00 due November 26. All payments by certified checks or money orders (no cash, personal checks, or credit cards).



Program Description
The course will introduce the students to the fascinating complex subject of Oceanography and major aspects of the Southern Ocean. We will discuss basic and some of the major physical, chemical, biological and geological aspects of the oceans.  In doing so, we will also learn about the structure and motion of the atmosphere that influence ocean circulation. Topics include ocean waves and tides and how these and other features of the ocean shape the coasts and beaches as we enjoy them. A large part of this course will focus on learning about the Southern Ocean, and we will do all that on location! While much of the theoretical principles will be presented and discussed in a classroom setting during the first two weeks of the course, we will continue these discussions on the ground by taking trips and visiting places along the beaches of this beautiful part of the South Atlantic.  After the first two weeks of intense instruction in the city of Mar del Plata (37°56' S - 57°34'W), the course will continue with a full week of field visits in the area surrounding Puerto Madryn (42°46' S - 65° 3' W), including the Valdes Peninsula (an important nature reserve), Punta Loma Provincial Reserve and Punta Tombo. We also plan to visit the Museo Oceanográfico y de Ciencias Naturales and the Ecocentro (



Although a science background is not required, it is assumed that all students taking this class have taken and passed the basic science requirements at CUNY.

Interested Graduate Students can also participate. Meet with Professor Salmun in advance to discuss an independent research project related to oceanography, climate and environmental issues in the context of the Southern Ocean.

Credits & Grades

Students in this program will receive both credits and letter grades. Grades will count towards their Hunter GPA.



Academic Inquiries Administrative Inquiries 

Prof. Haydee Salmun

Geography Department
Office: HN 1041
Phone: 212-772-5224

Education Abroad Office, Room E1447

Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 5:30pm
Phone: (212) 772-4983 
Fax: (212) 772-5005


Estimated Costs of Attendance


Tuition -                              $ 690.00 (undergraduate)

                                          $ 1,095.00 (graduate)


Program Fee -                       $ 1,620.00


                Not included in Program Fee:

                Airfare -                      $ 1,300.00

                Meals -                       $ 600.00

                 Airport Entrance Fee -              $ 160.00

                  Books-                     $ 100.00


US $ 4,470.00 (undergraduate)

US $ 4,875.00 (graduate)






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