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Germany, Summer 2017

German Language

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Summer 2017

I) Summary

Location: Kassel, Germany

Dates: Rolling 4-week sessions in June, July and August (starting day of classes May 29, last class August 18)

Credits Offered: 6 credits per session - German language (3 credits), German conversation (3 credits)

Application Deadline: March 20, 2017  Deadline extended to April 6, 2017!

Financial Aid: TAP, PELL, student loans

Scholarships: Chancellor’s Global Scholarship, Max-Kade Scholarship*, Gilman

*for information on the Max-Kade Scholarship please contact Prof. Kuhn-Osius (below)

Program Fee: $1,460.00 each session (estimate) includes room and most meals, cultural activites, field trips, and international health and travel insurance. TUITION and AIRFARE are NOT included in the program fee. All students are responsible for arriving at their study abroad location by the first day of the program; this may mean flying the day before.

Payment Schedule: $350 application fee and deposit is due with the application. $1,110.00 (program fee balance; estimate) is due April 25, 2017. Payments must be made with certified check or money order. NO CASH, PERSONAL CHECKS OR CREDIT CARDS.

Students are responsible for meeting the payment deadline regardless of funding source, i.e. Macaulay Opportunities Fund, loans, or any other type of financial aid. Late fees will be applied to all delayed payments (see Education Abroad Application Instructions and Policies).

II) Program Description

The program takes place at DIALOG-Institut in Kassel. Kassel is a midsized city in the center of Germany where people speak high German. Kassel was the regional capital of the Hesse region for over a thousand years. As such, it has some spectacular palaces and parks that are witness to the city's past glory when it was not only the seat of the Counts of Hessen, but later also of the King of Westfalia and then the summer palace of the German emperor.

Kassel played a well-known role in American history since this is the place from where the Hessian soldiers were sent who had to fight on the British side in the War of Independence. Kassel is also the place where the Brothers Grimm lived most of their lives and where they collected their famous fairy tales. Kassel is not an obscure village with an incomprehensible dialect, but the perfect place for learning German.

Since the early fifties Kassel has been home to the largest international exhibition of contemporary art, the dOCUMENTA, which is held every five years. Kassel is large enough for students to engage in many activities and to meet many different people, but it is small enough to be safe and comfortable. Students are free to move about in the city using the excellent public transportation system. Kassel is also situated in the center of Germany so that any other part of the country can be visited easily. It is recommended that students do any serious traveling before or after the four weeks of the program.

All participants are guaranteed to live in a German home rather than in a dormitory or hotel with other foreigners. In addition to being more comfortable, life with a host family provides insights into German culture and a daily opportunity for language practice that are not easily gained in any other way.

During their stay at DIALOG-Institut, students will be part of a multicultural, international community. Other students come from Italy, France, Spain, the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, Brazil, etc. There will be other Americans in case students ever feel home-sick, but they will not end up in a little American ghetto. The school offers many activities in the afternoons, ranging from lectures and pronunciation exercises to movies and field trips.

Course Offerings

  • 6 Credits per session - 3 credits German language and 3 credits German conversation.
  • Please contact Prof. Eckhard Kuhn-Osius (below) for more information on courses.
  • Please let Prof. Kuhn-Osius and the Office of Education Abroad know if you are interested in pursuing more than 6 credits through multiple sessions.

Credits & Grades

Students in this program will receive both credits and letter grades. Grades will count toward their Hunter GPA.

III) Costs of Attendance

Tuition $1,650.00 per session
Program Fee $1,460.00 (estimate) per session
Not included in Program Fee (estimates):
Airfare $900.00
Meals $100.00
Local transportation $160.00
TOTAL (estimate) $4,270.00

IV) Further Inquiries

Academic Inquiries
Faculty: Prof. Eckhard Kuhn-Osius
German Department
Office: HW1404
Phone: (212) 772-5068

Administrative Inquiries
Education Abroad Office, Room E1447
Office Hours: 9:30am - 5:30pm Mon-Fri
Phone: (212) 772-4983
Fax: (212) 772-5005

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