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Latvia, Summer 2017

Russian Language and Literature

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Summer 2017

I) Summary

Location: Riga, Latvia

Dates: June 4 - July 1, 2017 PROGRAM CANCELLED

Credits Offered:

Language Track: RUSS 201/202 (6 credits)


Literature Track: RUSS 25674 "The Baltic Transit" (3 credits)

Application Deadline: March 20, 2017  Deadline extended to April 6, 2017!

Financial Aid: TAP, PELL, student loans

Scholarships: Chancellor’s Global Scholarship, Departmental Travel Grants, Gilman

Program Fee: $1,350.00 (estimate) includes homestay housing, breakfast and dinner, excursions, airport pick up, and international health and travel insurance. TUITION and AIRFARE are NOT included in the program fee. All students are responsible for arriving at their study abroad location by the first day of the program; this may mean flying the day before.

Payment Schedule: $350 application fee and deposit is due with the application. $1,000.00 (program fee balance; estimate) is due April 25, 2017. Payments must be made with certified check or money order. NO CASH, PERSONAL CHECKS OR CREDIT CARDS.

Students are responsible for meeting the payment deadline regardless of funding source, i.e. Macaulay Opportunities Fund, loans, or any other type of financial aid. Late fees will be applied to all delayed payments (see Education Abroad Application Instructions and Policies).

II) Program Description

The Division of Russian and Slavic Studies offers a new, two-track program in Riga, Latvia. One track will consist of a 3-credit course, "The Baltic Transit: Russian Writers enroute to the West" and the other track of the 6-credit Intensive Intermediate Russian. The first course will be taught by Yakov Klots and the second by him and a local instructor. The program will be hosted be the Baltic Center for Educational and Academic Development, which will provide housing, classroom and excursions.

Latvia is the most Russophone country in the post-Soviet space. Russian language intermingles there with the local vernaculars and is spoken widely in the streets (to a much greater extent than in the neighboring Baltic countries). Throughout Latvian recent history, Russian has always been not only a lingua franca, but also the language of a culture that prospered on Latvian territory, not excluding the years of Latvian independence (during the interwar period, and since 1991). Thus, students enrolled in the language class will have unlimited opportunities to practice their conversational skills outside of the classroom (by going to Russian theaters, concerts and lectures, as well as by communicating with their host families). Students enrolled in the literature class, which will be taught in English, will also experience Russian culture first-hand, since it has always informed the local cultural landscape.

Students will be housed with local families. For students in the literature track who don't speak any Russian, English-speaking families will be found. In both tracks, the classroom learning will be complemented by excursions. The planned excursions will include a four-day trip to Lithuania, a two-day trip to Estonia and a day trip to Sigulda in Latvia. 


RUSS 201/202 (6 credits) has a prerequisite of two semesters of Russian (RUSS 101/102). Russian heritage speakers may be enrolled in the course upon taking a placement test prior to departure.

RUSS 25674 (3 credits) has no prerequisites. This course is taught in English and does not require any knowledge of Russian. However, heritage speakers and students with sufficient language skills have the option of getting 3 credits in RUSS 24674, which may be used towards fulfilling the Russian major requirement. Registering for it requires taking a language placement test prior to the start of the program and implies that most readings and final projects are carried out in Russian. Either course registration fulfills the "Diversity and Plurality" requirement.

Credits & Grades

Students in this program will receive both credits and letter grades. Grades will count toward their Hunter GPA.

III) Costs of Attendance

Tuition $825.00 (RUSS 25674) OR $1,650.00 (RUSS 201/202)
Program Fee $1,350.00 (estimate)
Not included in Program Fee (estimates):
Airfare $900.00
Meals $200.00
Local Transportation $60.00
Books $40.00
TOTAL (estimate)
$3,375.00 (estimate) OR $4,200.00 (estimate)
(depending on the course choice)

IV) Further Inquiries

Academic Inquiries
Faculty: Prof. Yakov Klots
Russian and Slavic Studies
Office: 1403 HW 
Phone: (212) 772-4960 (Department of Classical and Oriental Studies)

Administrative Inquiries
Education Abroad Office, Room E1447
Office Hours: 9:30am - 5:30pm Mon-Fri
Phone: (212) 772-4983
Fax: (212) 772-5005

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