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Emergency Response and Preparedness

Environmental Health and Safety plays a vital role in the safety of the Hunter College community during emergency situations. Whether the emergency is natural, such as floods and fires, or man-made such as, chemical or biological spills, our office is here to provide guidance and assistance in any way possible. We are continually working to improve our campus safety and disaster resilience through proper training, prevention, planning, mitigation, and recovery. 

Public Safety

All life threatening emergencies

68th Street Main Campus (212) 772-4444
Hunter College Campus Schools (212) 860-1264
Brookdale Campus (212) 481-4444
Silberman School of Social Work (212) 396-7777
Masters of Fine Arts (205 Hudson Street) (212) 226-2389

Environmental Health and Safety

Minor/major spills or releases of chemical, biological, radiological substances that threaten health and safety

EHS Office (68th Street Main Campus)     (212) 772-4462

Facilities Management and Planning

Building-related issues that threaten health and safety

Facilities (68th Street Main Campus)        (212) 772-4422
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