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Emergency Response Procedures

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Emergencies are the result of unexpected events. Good laboratory practices require that you know the properties of all hazardous materials and equipment you work with in order to work safely and to be able to properly respond to an emergency. Spills are difficult to deal with. Consequently, training of lab personnel, proper management of chemicals and equipment, good laboratory work practices and proper housekeeping that will prevent spills must always be the primary methods of reducing the risk of spills and other lab emergencies. In cases where outside assistance is required, it is critical that you have emergency response numbers on hand.



Emergency Preparedness


Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Contacts

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Emergency Contacts

Hunter Public Safety
(212) 772-4444

Environmental Health & Safety
(212) 772-4462

Facilities Management & Planning
(212) 772-4422

Student Health Services
(212) 772-4800

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