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Biomedical Spill and Emergency Response

Accidental Release of Biohazardous Agents or Spill of Regulated Biomedical Waste

In general, biomedical emergencies involve biological/medical waste spills, pathogen exposures, or involve the breakdown of containment barriers or equipment, which can lead to unintentional infection or injury for laboratory workers, the general public, or cause contamination of the outside environment. It is critical to know how to act quickly to the spread of pathogens and to ensure the safety of the university community and emergency responders. The section provides the resources and guidelines for handling biomedical emergencies.

Laboratories in which biohazardous agents are used must have the ability to contain and control accidental releases of these agents. The spill kit in your laboratory shall include appropriate emergency response items including, but not be limited to, the following: an appropriate disinfectant/decontaminant, proper personal protective equipment (gloves, goggles, etc.), and biomedical waste disposal bags. Laboratory procedures and biohazardous agents present in a specific laboratory will determine what additional items may be necessary.

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