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Lab Safety Training

The Hunter College Office of Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) has hosted several in-person sessions each semester for mandatory laboratory safety training and radiation safety training. This will hold true in coming semesters for Radiation Safety training.  Laboratory Safety training will continue to be web-based,as it has been for the past year and a half. This has proven to be much more convenient and efficient for all involved.

Safety Training Classes:

Safety training is mandatory for new personnel, current personnel who have never received training, and those who have not attended a training session in the last three years.  This includes all principal investigators, researchers, teachers, lab technicians, graduate students, college assistants or any employee who may come in contact with chemical or biological substances.  

  • lab safety
  • regulatory compliance
  • disposal of regulated substances
  • emergency response procedures

In addition to these classes please complete the four mandatory modules assosciated with laboratory safety.  
Click "Here" for steps to complete the four modules associated with laboratory safety.

Radiation Safety Classes:

All principal investigators, researchers, teachers, lab technicians, graduate students, college assistants or any employees who use or may come in contact with radioactive materials or equipment as part of his or her duty should attend an in-person Radiation Safety training session.

  • radiation safety
  • regulatory compliance
  • disposal of radioactive waste
  • emergency response procedures

As in previous years, EHS will host 2 sessions.  Please ensure that all attendees RSVP to with your full name, the area/lab that you are affiliated with, and the session you wish to attend.

Current Schedule: "To be determined according to semester" 


Training Presentations:

Emergency Contacts

Hunter Public Safety
(212) 772-4444

Environmental Health & Safety
(212) 772-4462

Facilities Management & Planning
(212) 772-4422

Student Health Services
(212) 772-4800

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