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Hazardous Substances

(Selected from the AT&T Bell Laboratories Chemical Hygiene Plan)

Toxic Agents in the Workplace: Exposures with Documented Human Effects
Exposure or Chemical Reported Reproductive Effects Other Major Effects Example of Industry (exposure)
Anesthetic Gases Spontaneous abortion;
Low birth weight;
Major and minor malformations;
? Infertility
Narcosis Medical;
Busulfan Major
Antineoplastic Medical;
Carbon Disulfide Decreased libido;
Abnormal sperm morphology;
Menstrual disorders;
Spontaneous abortion
Acute psychosis;
Accelerated atherosclerosis
Viscose rayon;
DDT Prematurity Animal carcinogen Pesticide (banned USA)
DBCP (1,2 Dibromo-3-chloropropane) Infertility due to
Animal carcinogen Pesticide
DES (Diethylstil besterol) Vaginal and cervical
adenocarcinoma in
female offspring;
Reproductive tract
malformations in
male and female
- Pharmaceutical
EDB (Ethylene dibromide) Decreased fertility
in wives of workers
Burns; Animal carcinogen Cadiovascular stressor
Excessive Heat Lowered sperm counts Cardiovascular stressor -
HCB (Hexachloro benzene) Stillbirth; Congenital
malformations and metabolic abnormalities
Pophyria cutanea tarda Chemical
Ionizing Radiation Lowered fertility;
Increased childhood cancer;
Chromosome aberrations;
Fetal growth retardation;
Disrupted gametogenesis
Carcinogenic Medical and dental workers; Nuclear industry
Kepone Decreased libido;
Decreased sperm
count and motility
Neurological toxicity Chemical, pesticide
Laboratory Reagents (Benzene, xylene, ethers) Prolonged menstual bleeding;
Spontaneous abortions;
Chromosome aberrations
in offspring
Hepatic blook; dyscrasis, including leukemia -
Lead and smelter emissions Sperm abnormalities; mentrual disorders; spontaneous abortions; prematurity; kedney tumor in children; begavioral abnormalities; chromosome aberrations Neurotoxicity Smelting; Battery; Leaded paint
Methotrexate Congenital malformations Folate antagonist; Antineoplastic Pharmaceutical
Methylmercury Severe neurological defects Neorological damage; GI symptoms Chemical wastes
Occupational Pesticide Exposure Impotence; Chromosome
aberations; Spontaneous abortions
Neorological; Animal carcinogens Pesticide maufacturing and application
PCB's (Polychlori hated Biphenyls) Menstrual disorders;
Stillbirth; Pigmentary
integumentary and other malformations
Animal carcinogens Capacitors and telephone/electrical equipment
Tobacco Smoke Spontaneous abortion; Retarded fetal growth; Placental abnomalities Cancer; Cardiovascular disease -
Vinyl Chloride Chromosome aberrations;
Cancer PVC
manufacturing and processing

Adapted from Chemical Hazards to Human Reproduction, Council on Environmental Quality, 1981 and Sullivan and Barlow.

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