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Laboratory and Work Area Signs

Each laboratory or area where radioactive materials are used or stored must be posted at the entrance with a CAUTION RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS sign. The sign must include the name and home phone number of the licensee.

Refrigerators, freezers and other 'in lab' storage areas, and containers in which materials are stored or transported must have a visible label with the radiation caution symbol and the words CAUTION RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS. The label should also state the kind and quantity of material in the container.

Areas in the laboratory where radiation levels might expose a person to 5 millirem in any one hour, or 100 millirem in 5 consecutive days must be posted with the sign CAUTION RADIATION AREA.

Laboratory equipment (flasks, beakers, centrifuges) containing radioactive materials need not be marked so long as the user is present and the material is in a designated and marked radioactive material work area. Unattended and contaminated equipment and tools must be marked with warning tape or labels.

Radiation Safety personnel may post areas and equipment to indicate significant levels of contamination found during surveys and may specify additional posting to control access or to ensure safe operations.

These signs are to be removed only when the article or area has been satisfactorily decontaminated.

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