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Package Check

For all packages, the following procedures for opening packages will carried out:

  • Gloves will be worn to prevent hand contamination.
  • Package will be visually inspected for any signs of damage or dampness.
  • The outer package is to be opened and the packing slip removed.
  • The inner package is to be opened and the contents verified to be in agreement with the packing slip.
  • The integrity of the final source container is to be checked for:
    • broken seals.
    • loss of liquid.
    • discoloration of the package material.

If contamination is suspected:

  • A wipe test of the external surface of the final source container is to be done.
  • An assay of the wipe is to be performed with an appropriate survey meter and the amount of removable activity is to be recorded (i.e., dpm/100 cm 2, etc).
  • Precautions must be taken to contain the spread of contamination.
  • Monitor the packing materials and packages for contamination
    • before discarding, if contaminated.
    • treat as radioactive waste if not contaminated.
    • obliterate radiation labels before discarding in regular trash.
  • Maintain a record of each package, check with the receipt records.
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