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Personnel and Area Decontamination

Personnel Decontamination

  • Contaminated clothing should be removed and stored for further evaluation by the Radiation Safety Officer.
  • If the spill is on the skin, flush thoroughly with lukewarm water and then wash with a mild soap.
  • If contamination remains, induce perspiration by covering the area with plastic.
  • Wash the affected area again to remove any contamination that was released by perspiration.

Area Decontamination

  • Plan the procedure thoroughly and obtain supplies.
  • Provide adequate protection for all personnel.
  • Provide safe storage of all radioactive wastes and decontamination supplies.
  • Always work toward the center of the contamination.
  • Take care not to spread or track contamination to cleaner areas.
  • Monitor frequently and thoroughly.
  • Cover clean areas with plastic sheets or equivalent.
  • Monitor all personnel and materials before permitting their movement to clean areas.
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Facilities Management & Planning
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Student Health Services
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