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Suspicious Person

If you observe any suspicious activity at or around Hunter College, contact the Office of Public Safety at 212-772-4444 or extension 4444 from the 68th Street Campus.

  • Do not question a person who you think is acting suspiciously. Notify the Office of Public Safety, and they will handle the matter.
  • If you encounter a person acting suspiciously who flees, do not attempt to follow or block the person. Make a note of the way the person leaves and the type of clothing the person is wearing, as well as any other distinguishing characteristics, and then contact Public Safety.
  • All members of the Hunter College community are required to have identification at all times. Those who don't have College identification, who are not accompanied by a person with Hunter identification, or who cannot offer a valid and confirmable reason for their presence at the College will be asked to leave.
  • If you see any criminal activity, notify Public Safety immediately at 212-772-4444 or extension 4444 from the 68th Street Campus.
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