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ESL Immersion Courses

Summer 2016 Immersion Course Details

The Hunter College English Department is offering free seminars on improving academic language skills for proficient ESL background students. Classes will meet Monday-Thursday from May 31, 2016 to June 30, 2016. Students currently enrolled in ENG 005 or ENG 002 and continuing or incoming proficient ESL students (both undergraduate and graduate) are eligible to register. There are four sections of the seminar as follows:

Section One (Writing): M,T,W,TH 9:30am-12:00pm - Similar to English 005, this course focuses on paragraph and essay development with attention to in-class writing and researching skills.

Section Two (Reading): M,T,W,TH 12:30pm-3:00pm - Similar to ENGL 002, this course focuses on close reading of texts and reading comprehension skills as well as work on overall improving both academic and conversational vocabulary use.

Section Three (Writing): M,T,W,TH 3:30pm-6:00pm - This section is the same topic as Section One (above). Similar to English 005, this course focuses on paragraph and essay development with attention to in-class writing and researching skills.

Section Four (Integrated Skills): M,T,W,TH 6:30pm-9:00pm - This class is a multi-skills course that helps students at all levels improve their speaking, writing, listening, and reading skills for success in university-level courses. Instructors provide tips and practice for academic language skills such as note-taking, participating in discussions, meeting with professors in office hours, and giving oral presentations.

At the end of the seminars, instructors provide students with a comprehensive evaluation of their language skills including areas in need of improvement. See the Rubric for the Integrated Skills Course.


All of the sections prepare students for success in upper-division courses. Section One and Section Three emphasize writing skills, Section Two emphasizes reading skills, and Section Four emphasizes all academic language skills with specific attention to participating in class discussions and giving oral presentations.


The classes are workshop-based and offer plenty of chances for students to practice new language and vocabulary.Class activities in all of the courses vary between full group lectures and demonstrations, partner activities, and group project work. Instructors bring in a variety of readings from newspapers, magazines, and other print/online sources as well as use videos to introduce new vocabulary and ideas.There will also be one class trip to a museum or cultural place of interest.


Students can register for any section, or any combination of sections, with Anna DeVita Monday-Friday from 10:00am-11:00am and 2:00pm-4:00pm in room 1211HW. Registration will continue each day until the classes are full. There is a 16-person limit for each seminar. Contact Anna DeVita for any questions about registration at or 212-772-4245.

For more information about seminar topics and other ESL resources at Hunter College, contact ESL Program Coordinator, Professor Paul McPherron at, 212-772-5201, or at his office: 1248HW.

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