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ESL Semester Courses

Fall 2015 Course Offerings

▪ ENGLISH 002- Reading (3 hours-2 credits)   

English 002 is an intensive reading course for ESL/ELL students. This course offers practice in critical reading comprehension skills with emphasis on determining main thoughts, inferences, tone and style. Efficient reading techniques are developed and adapted to diverse materials.

002SL-01    T F    3:45PM - 5:00PM    2298    407HW     Wishengrad

▪ ENGLISH 004- English for Bilingual Students II (6 hours-1 credit)

English 004 is an intermediate ESL/ELL course for students who are assigned by a placement test or by advisement. Emphasis is on basic structural patterns of standard written English, mechanical conventions, vocabulary development and essay organization.

004SL-01   M TH   2:45PM - 5:25PM    12544    1441HW    Groseil

▪ ENGLISH 005- English for Bilingual Students III (3 hours-2 credits)

English 005 is an intensive ESL/ELL course for students who are assigned by a placement test, advisement, or successful completion of ENGL 004. Emphasis is on essay writing of an expository nature-demonstrating clear organization, correct syntax, sentence variety, mechanics and word choice. Students practice controlling, developing and supporting their ideas in writing.

005SL-01    M W    5:35PM - 6:50PM      2336    C106HN    Schoenfeld

▪  ENGLISH 120 (3 hours-3 credits) 

This course is required of all freshmen and satisfies Stage 1-Academic Foundations, Group A.

English 120, an introductory expository writing course, has four related goals: Through reading, discussions, writing, and rewriting, it teaches students to generate, explore, and refine their own ideas; to analyze and evaluate intellectual arguments; to take positions, develop thesis statements, and support them persuasively; and to write with standard acceptable grammar, varied sentence structure, logical organization, and coherence.

There are two sections of English 120 that are designed for students who speak English as a 2nd language. The instructors in these sections are experts in learning English as a 2nd language, and instruction and activities are focused on ESL student needs. The course will not say ESL on your transcript, and you will receive the same credit for the course as any other section of ENG 120. Fall 2015 sections are:

120-03    T F    2:10PM - 3:25PM     2763     509HW     Wishengrad

120-07    M W    7:00PM - 8:15PM      2773     C101HN     Schoenfeld

NOTE: In order to register for either of these sections, please email Anna De Vita at and she will give you permission to register for these sections.

Also feel free to contact the ESL Coordinator, Paul McPherron (, for advisement on courses and further information about ESL resources at Hunter.

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