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Concentration in Creative Writing (30 Credits)

Sep 1, 2009 - Aug 27, 2013


Below are the guidelines for the Creative Writing concentration for students who declared the major between September 1, 2009 and August 27, 2013. 

In order to pursue this concentration, students must pass English 300: Introduction to Creative Writing (3 credits) with a minimum grade of B. The 3 credits earned from English 300 count toward the 30 credits required for the major.

Note: English 300 is the prerequisite for all other 300- and 400-level courses in writing (except for English 301: Theory and Practice of Expository Writing).

This Concentration Consists of the Following Three Parts:

A. Required Literature Courses (12 Credits)

1. English 338 Survey of English Literature I: Anglo-Saxon Literature to Romanticism

2. One course chosen from among the following courses in American Literature:

  • ENGL 395 Survey of American Literature: Origins to the Civil War
  • ENGL 396 American Prose, 1871-1914
  • ENGL 397 American Poetry to 1914

3. One course chosen from among the following courses in Multi-Ethnic or Transnational Literatures written in English:

  • ENGL 318 Advanced Topics in Literatures of Non-European Americans (Asian-American and Latino courses are offered under this rubric)
  • ENGL 320 Multi-Ethnic American Literature
  • ENGL 321 African-American Narratives
  • ENGL 324 Studies in Native-American Literature
  • ENGL 325 Postcolonial Literature
  • ENGL 327 Caribbean Literature

4. One course chosen from among the following courses in Literary Theory, Linguistics, or Rhetoric:

  • ENGL 306 Literary Theory
  • ENGL 331 The Structure of Modern English
  • ENGL 332 The History of the English Language
  • ENGL 340 History of Rhetoric


B. Required Creative Writing Courses, including ENGL 300 (12 Credits)

1. ENGL 300 Introduction to Creative Writing (with a grade of B or higher)

2. Three of the following workshops, after completing ENGL 300 (at least one must be a Level-II workshop):

  • ENGL 308 Workshop in Non-Fiction I
  • ENGL 309 Workshop in Non-Fiction II
  • ENGL 311 Workshop in Fiction I
  • ENGL 313 Workshop in Fiction II
  • ENGL 314 Workshop in Poetry I
  • ENGL 316 Workshop in Poetry II
  • ENGL 484, Special Studies Seminar (offerings vary and may include: Advanced Workshop in Poetry; Advanced Prose Writing; Narrative Forms: Strategies in Fiction; or The Art of Revision: Poetry and Fiction. See the department course offerings each semester for current information.)

Notes about this requirement: a.) Students may not take a Level-II workshop without first completing the Level-I workshop in that genre. b.) Students may repeat Level-II workshops once for credit. c.) Students may not take ENGL 484 without first completing a Level-II workshop in that genre.

C. Electives (6 credits)

Students may choose any two of the Department’s 300- or 400-level courses, including, if the student is eligible, one of the Honors Seminars (ENGL 494), to fulfill the electives requirement. In special cases, full-time faculty may find it appropriate to supervise a student who is interested in taking on an individual creative project for 3 credits. This option is listed in the catalogue, and in semester-by-semester class postings, as ENGL 485, Independent Tutorial Study. Successful completion of such a course may also qualify as an Honors course, if arranged in advance and if a student’s GPA meets the requirements.

You can plan your course of study using the Creative Writing Checklist.


Students who declared the major before this date should follow the Old Creative Writing Guidelines.

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