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Concentration in Linguistics and Rhetoric: Prior to Aug 28, 2013 (30 Credits)

Below are the guidelines for the Linguistics and Rhetoric concentration for students who declared the major before August 28, 2013.

The concentration in Linguistics and Rhetoric is designed to provide students with a comprehensive course of study in the structures, uses, and ideologies of discourse in various types of texts, genres, and domains: from everyday talk to persuasive writing. Students will gain a complex understanding of spoken and written discourse by comparing a wide range of philosophical underpinnings, theoretical perspectives, and methodological approaches. This concentration is particularly suited for students who are interested in graduate study in Linguistics, Rhetoric, Applied Linguistics, and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).

This concentration is a 30-credit major that consists of 3 parts:

A.) 18 Credits: Required Linguistics and Rhetoric Courses

B.) 9 Credits: Required Literature Courses

C.) 3 Credits: Elective


A. 18 Credits: Required Linguistics and Rhetoric Courses

1. ENGL 301 Theory and Practice of Expository Writing

2. ENGL 331 Structure of Modern English

3. Two additional courses in linguistics chosen from the following:

  • ENGL 330 Sociolinguistics
  • ENGL 332 History of the English Language
  • ENGL 333 Topics in Language and Linguistics*
  • ENGL 346 Discourse Analysis
  • ENGL 347 Language and Ethnicity
  • ENGL 348 English Across the World

4. Two additional courses in rhetoric chosen from the following:

  • ENGL 340 History of Rhetoric
  • ENGL 341 Rhetorical Principles of Expository Writing
  • ENGL 342 Topics in Rhetoric*

B. 9 Credits: Required Literature Courses

1. ENGL 338 Survey of British Literature I: Early Texts to the 18th Century

2. One additional course in literature chosen from the following:

  • ENGL 395 Survey of American Literature: From Origins to the Civil War
  • ENGL 396 American Prose from Reconstruction to World War I
  • ENGL 397 Pre-Twentieth Century American Poetry

3. One additional course in literature chosen from the following:

  • ENGL 317 Topics in Non-European Literary Traditions
  • ENGL 318 Topics in Literature of Non-European Americans
  • ENGL 320 Multi-Ethnic American Literature
  • ENGL 321 Topics in African American Literature
  • ENGL 323 Topics in Asian American Literature
  • ENGL 324 Topics in Native American Literature
  • ENGL 325 Post-colonial Literature in English
  • ENGL 326 Topics in US Latina/o Literature
  • ENGL 327 Topics in Caribbean Literature
  • ENGL 329 Topics in Cross-Cultural Literature in English

C. 3 Credits: Elective Course

Students may select an elective from any 300- or 400-level English courses, including the Honors Seminar (ENGL 494), if eligible, (ENGL 306 Literary Theory is strongly recommended); or from courses related to linguistics or rhetoric offered in other departments, such as Anthropology (e.g., ANTH 151 Introduction to Linguistics; ANTH 320 Language, Sex, and Gender; ANTH 351 Language in Culture and Society), Classics (e.g., CLA 110 Greek and Latin Roots of English), and Philosophy (e.g., PHILO 103 Introduction to Logic and Critical Thinking); or from courses in foreign language study that are beyond those taken in fulfillment of the foreign language requirement (e.g., advanced courses in a second language, beginning courses in a third language).

*ENGL 333 and ENGL 342 may be taken multiple times in different topics to fulfill both required and elective courses.


You can plan your course of study using this Linguistics and Rhetoric Checklist.

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