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Current Projects

Page Campus Schools Boiler Upgrade
A project is being designed to upgrade the heating and cooling system for Hunter College Campus Schools. Work is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2016.
Page Cooperman Library, 6th & 7th Floors
The renovation of the 6th and 7th floors of the Cooperman Library is now underway. In addition to the reading and study space, on the 6th floor the School of Education will have their own library, including smart classrooms, a technology help-and-loan center and a lab for analyzing student-teaching videos. The 7th floor will be home to the new Silverstein Student Success Center, which will bring together in one place Hunter's three student-tutoring facilities: the Dolciani Mathematics Center, the Rockowitz Writing Center and the new Skirball Science Center. The 7th floor will also house a lecture hall and a new pre-professional center for students pursuing careers in law, business, medicine and health. The Library consists of 125,000 square feet over nine floors. It serves more than 20,000 students and faculty. Originally designed to accommodate 9,000 students, it was built over 30 years ago and no longer meets the College's academic needs. The phased capital renovation of the Library is now underway, which will include upgrades to the HVAC systems, lighting, architectural finishes, space reprogramming, installation of condensed shelving, and outfitting of furniture and equipment--all to reestablish this space as a first-class destination for students and faculty.
Page North Building Roof Replacement
Design has been completed for a comprehensive roof replacement project for the North Building of the Main Hunter Campus. All roofs at all levels and setbacks will be replaced, as part of a much-needed replacement of roofing material that has outlived its useful life. This project will feature the inclusion of materials that conform to current energy efficiency codes. These materials will have the ability to deflect heat, thus requiring less energy to keep the upper floors of the building, which are subject to the greatest heat load, cool during warmer months.
Page B-3 Level Gym Lighting Upgrade
The College's B-3 level gymnasium is illuminated by traditional, low-efficiency lighting elements. In keeping with CUNY's stated mission of behaving sustainably, this project will result in a reduction of electricity consumption. Approximately 64 low-efficiency metal halide lighting elements will be swapped for an equal number of LED elements designed to produce greater lumen output while consuming far less energy. Additionally, Hunter's Facilities department will benefit from the retrofit by not having to divert resources to replace the gym's lighting as frequently, since the LED bulbs that will be swapped in outlive and outlast traditional bulbs by orders of magnitude. The campus community will benefit, as well, since gym classes and activities will be interrupted/disrupted less frequently because the LED elements require less frequent maintenance and replacement than traditional bulbs. Work began on this project in the second half of 2015, and as of 10/29/15 installation of the lighting elements is 80% complete. The next step to completion will be installing the electronic controls for the lights.
Page Campus Schools: Photo Lab Conversion
The Campus Schools Art Department has readied one of its spaces to be converted from a photographic "wet" lab (using traditional photographic chemicals to develop film) to a digital lab, where computers and software will assist students in producing photographic images. Students will enjoy several advantages arising from this conversion, including elimination of bulky analog equipment in a limited space and the ability to produce images with relative ease and speed. This project will be managed by DASNY.
Page Casa Lally: The Artist's Institute
Casa Lally, a former townhouse located on East 65th Street, is home to the Department of Art and Art History’s Artist’s Institute, which is leaving the Lower East Side to move close to the main campus. To learn more about the Institute, please go to The first floor of the townhouse is undergoing conversion to a modern gallery space. The space is receiving specially-designed lighting, laminated walls, refinished flooring (including radiant heating) and built-in furniture. Renovation is expected to be completed by the end of November 2015.
Page Casa Lally: The LGBT Center
Casa Lally, a former townhouse located on East 65th Street, will welcome its latest occupant, Hunter’s LGBT Center. The Center will continue to work closely, as it has in the past, with the Roosevelt House Public Policy Institute but will now be located in its handsome new home just down the street. Hunter College is emerging as a national center for research and public policy in LGBT studies. All construction and renovation is expected to be completed by the end of November 2015.
Page The Berger Russian Suite
Two rooms on the 13th floor of the West Building are being converted into the Berger Russian Suite, and will be a welcome addition to the Division of Russian and Slavic Studies. The rooms will be converted into a conference space and a lounge area, and will be enhanced by themed decor. They will also receive new flooring, window treatments, a new ceiling and lighting, paint, and signage.
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