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Current Projects

Page Campus Schools Boiler Upgrade
WASA Engineering is currently designing an upgrade to the heating and cooling system for Hunter College Campus Schools. Check back for more information, coming soon.
Page Broadcast Media Lab
The Broadcast Media Lab is an important resource for the Hunter College Film and Media Department. This television studio provides a valuable, hands-on learning environment for our students, and is essential to certain programs. The current studio has dated technology and HVAC problems that keep it from serving these functions. This renovation includes architectural and mechanical components, as well as equipment upgrades.
Page 68th Street Campus Escalator Renovation
The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York is currently managing the engineering of a phased replacement of Main Campus escalators. The installation work is expected to begin in the summer of 2013.
Page Library, 6th & 7th Floors
The Library consists of 125,000 square feet over nine floors. It serves more than 20,000 students and faculty. Originally designed to accommodate 9,000 students, it was built over 30 years ago and no longer meets the College's academic needs. A phased capital renovation of the Library is now underway, which will include upgrades to the HVAC systems, lighting, architectural finishes, space reprogramming, installation of condensed shelving, and outfitting of furniture and equipment--all to reestablish this space as a first-class destination for students and faculty. Phase 2 of this project is focused on the 6th and 7th floors of the Library. The design process is currently underway, and construction is anticipated to begin in 2014.
Page MFA Program, 205 Hudson Street: Gallery & Studio Build-Out
Hunter’s new MFA facility at 205 Hudson Street includes a 5,000-square-foot, street-level gallery that is expected to be completed in early 2014. This unique space consists of two levels connected by a stair and lift, as well as a dedicated elevator that links the gallery with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors, where the MFA program resides. A dedicated entrance directly on Canal Street will ensure that this gallery grabs a great deal of attention.
Page Casa Lally, 132 E. 65th Street
Although temporarily closed, Casa Lally is home to Hunter College's Italian language institute, Parliamo Italiano. Casa Lally is currently undergoing repairs to its interior and exterior while Parliamo's Italian language courses are being held at Hunter's main campus.
Page Campus Schools Fire Door Replacement
New "smoke stop" doors are expected to be installed during Winter Break 2014.
Page Brookdale Campus: Storm Resilience
Brookdale's proximity to the East River means that it can be exposed to flood waters during significant storm events. With technical assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the College is actively exploring methods for strengthening the perimeter of the Brookdale campus to withstand the elements.
Page About Cool Roofs 2014
An NYC-sponsored program to reduce summertime energy consumption.
Page East & West Building Escalator Upgrade
The East and West Buildings of Hunter's Main Campus are on track to receive a major escalator upgrade, as the current escalators in these buildings are coming to the useful end of their lives. This large-scale project is currently in a bidding phase. Work on this project may begin as soon as fall of 2014.
Page Roof & Terrace, West Building
This project addresses much-needed repair to prevent rainwater leaking into the emergency stairwell and 7th floor auditorium of the West Building. First steps in this project include removing a layer of ballast stone and removing the deck area. An added bonus to the finished product will replace the traditional ballast-stone roofing with a smooth, heat-deflecting roof. In addition to helping reduce the heat load on the West Building in the warmer weather months, this environmentally-minded "cool roof" feature will enable Hunter do its part in helping to reduce the City's overall "heat island effect". This effort adds even more square footage to the cool roofs that Hunter received in the summer of 2013. You can read more about Hunter's cool roofs by visiting this website:
Page Student Services Spaces
Spaces on the 11th floor of the East Building are being subdivided to enable staff to improve operations for Student Services.
Page Campus Schools: Elementary Grades Library Renovation
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