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Current Projects

Page Campus Schools Boiler Upgrade
WASA Engineering is currently designing an upgrade to the heating and cooling system for Hunter College Campus Schools. Work is anticipated to begin in the spring of 2016.
Page 68th Street Campus Escalator Replacement
The escalators that serve the 68th Street Campus have been in continuous operation since the East and West Buildings became operational in 1984, and have reached the end of their useful life. The College, in partnership with the Dormitory Authority of the State of New York and CUNY, is now taking on the complex project of replacing these escalators. Work on this project is expected to conclude in 2015. SCROLL DOWN TO VIEW PICTURES OF THE PROGRESS OF THE ESCALATOR REPLACEMENT.
Page Library, 6th & 7th Floors
The Library consists of 125,000 square feet over nine floors. It serves more than 20,000 students and faculty. Originally designed to accommodate 9,000 students, it was built over 30 years ago and no longer meets the College's academic needs. A phased capital renovation of the Library is now underway, which will include upgrades to the HVAC systems, lighting, architectural finishes, space reprogramming, installation of condensed shelving, and outfitting of furniture and equipment--all to reestablish this space as a first-class destination for students and faculty. Phase 2 of this project is focused on the 6th and 7th floors of the Library. The renovation process is currently underway.
Page Casa Lally, 132 E. 65th Street
Casa Lally is home to Hunter College's Italian language institute, Parliamo Italiano. Much renovation has occurred during the last several years, and additional renovations are expected as part of another major construction phase that will kick off in the summer of 2015. Parliamo's well-regarded Italian language courses resumed in this space in the fall semester of 2014 after being held for several semesters at Hunter's main campus.
Page About Cool Roofs 2015
An NYC-sponsored program to reduce summertime energy consumption.
Page Campus Schools: Playground Renovation
A planned renovation, funded by local elected officials, has commenced at Campus Schools involving repair and resurfacing of the playground. Demolition of the old playground surface is complete. The surface is currently being graded in preparation for installation of a surface that is a combination of artificial turf and blacktop.
Page North Building Roof Replacement
Design has been completed for a comprehensive roof replacement project for the North Building of the Main Hunter Campus. All roofs at all levels and setbacks will be replaced, as part of a much-needed replacement of roofing material that has outlived its useful life. This project will feature the inclusion of materials that conform to current energy efficiency codes. These materials will have the ability to deflect heat, thus requiring less energy to keep the upper floors of the building, which are subject to the greatest heat load, cool during warmer months. Construction is anticipated to begin in late 2015.
Page B-3 Level Gym Lighting Upgrade
The College's B-3 level gymnasium is illuminated by traditional, low-efficiency lighting elements. In keeping with CUNY's stated mission of behaving sustainably, this project will result in a reduction of electricity consumption. Approximately 64 low-efficiency metal halide lighting elements will be swapped for an equal number of LED elements designed to produce greater lumen output while consuming far less energy. Additionally, Hunter's Facilities department will benefit from the retrofit by not having to divert resources to replace the gym's lighting as frequently, since the LED bulbs that will be swapped in outlive and outlast traditional bulbs by orders of magnitude. The campus community will benefit, as well, since gym classes and activities will be interrupted/disrupted less frequently because the LED elements require less frequent maintenance and replacement than traditional bulbs. Work is expected to begin on this project in 2015.
Page Lecture Hall 615 West
Akin to the recent makeover of Lecture Hall 714 West one floor above it, Lecture Hall 615 West is a large and much-used space in need of renovation. The first stages of work have begun. This space will be outfitted with new flooring, seating, a state-of-the-art audio-visual system, high-efficiency, variable-configuration lighting, as well as cosmetic finishes. Work is scheduled to be completed before the start of fall semester 2015 classes.
Page Thomas Hunter Hall Dance Studios
Hunter College's Dance Department's Studio Space on the 6th floor of Thomas Hunter Hall is currently undergoing a complete replacement of its dance floors, which have reached the end of their useful lives. The work involves removing aged floorboards and installing a state-of-the-art Harlequin "sprung" floor system. Sprung floors consist of layers of wood and padding designed to absorb shock and enhance dancers' performance.
Page Campus Schools: Photo Lab Conversion
The Campus Schools Art Department has readied one of its spaces to be converted from a photographic "wet" lab (using traditional photographic chemicals to develop film) to a digital lab, where computers and software will assist students in producing photographic images. Students will enjoy several advantages arising from this conversion, including elimination of bulky analog equipment in a limited space and the ability to produce images with relative ease and speed.
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