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Brookdale Campus: Storm Resilience

Brookdale's proximity to the East River means that it can be exposed to flood waters during significant storm events. With technical assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the College is actively exploring methods for strengthening the perimeter of the Brookdale campus to withstand the elements.


fema map
With the help of this FEMA-generated map, the College can better assess its perimeter protection needs. This map provides a satellite view of the Brookdale campus; the white lines shown portray natural elevations of this section of Manhattan island. These elevations can be cross-referenced with a map created by NYC's Office of Emergency Management showing six types of flood zones throughout New York City to get a fine-grained understanding of the College's needs. To view OEM's flood zone map for New York City, visit

Pictured above (click on images to enlarge):  Examples of the types of flood barriers that are available and that the College will consider installing at certain points of the Brookdale campus perimeter.

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